Fun With Signs and Packaging


Local road signs, warning signs, store signs and product labels that might amuse and educate.  Click on the pictures for more details and further explanation.

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  1. Some commentary:

    Bitche, France, was the site of a rather nasty military prison during the Napoleonic Wars. Sort of France’s version of Colditz – it was where they sent people who were considered high-value prisoners or escape risks.

    “TeeDeUm” – given that Tee is pronounced “Tay” (roughly) I am wondering if this is saying their tea is a religious experience (Te Deum)…

    I am amused by the weasel-proofing spray for the car!

    • Well, who better to guard your flight risks than the inhabitants of Bitche?

      And I really like your thought on the TeeDeUm. It certainly makes more sense than anything else I have thought up.

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