Aug 032013
Auenheim BBQ

Ever since summer started, our friend Emily has been trying to get the group together for a big BBQ.  But, somehow there was always something in the way.  It was too hot.  It was too rainy.  Everyone was broke.  People were out of town.  But, since Emily and her hubby Niko will be moving to Poland very soon, it was time to put the excuses aside.  Today it was hot AND rainy, but we had […]

Jul 162013
Weird German Food of the Week:

Yes, that is a Soy Sausage.  In fact, it is a Soy Pork Sausage because, come on, even if you are a lactose intolerant vegetarian, this is still Germany!

May 072013
Focus Point: Pizza, Weird German Food of the Week

Let’s talk Pizza. I have mentioned German Pizza in previous posts, but it is so delightfully NOT what an American might expect, it deserves a post all of its own.  First off, it is important to know that there are three main providers of pizza in Germany. Actual Italian restaurants run by actual Italians.  These places tend to be expensive, but good.  Italy is just down the road, so you can expect fresh, authenic sauces, […]

Apr 022013
Plague House

And, we’re back! Those of you who follow me in Facebook know that this month has been the month of illness in our house, which explains, I hope, the gap in posting. Rather than give excruciating details on stuff no one wants to hear, (really, really, you don’t)  I will just say: Avoid Norovirus, boys and girls!  And, if you get it, don’t be surprised if opportunistic other-illnesses jump in and kick your tush when […]

Dec 132012
Weird German Foods of the Week: Flammkuchen and Party Snacks

This week we had the pleasure of attending this year’s Black Forest Games Holiday Party.  As with most such events there were party foods served.  Many of them, (pretzels sticks, peanuts, etc.) would be readily found at any party in the U.S., as well.  But, as this was a German party, it is inevitable that there were German Foods being served.  Here is a quick glance and some of some of the fun stuff that […]

Dec 092012
Weird German Foods of the Week: Hard Boild Eggs and Tee Zucker Kandis

This week’s Common-in-Germany-but-odd-to-an-outsider is: Hard Boiled Eggs. Yeah, not that strange, really.  Except they are sold in every market in packs of 6, brightly dyed colorful orbs.  DD, with her current mouth limitations, is trying out easy-to-eat options.  So, we gave these a whirl. You know what?  They are just like hard boiled eggs you would get around Easter in the states, only, no seasonal limitations.         Tee Zucker Kandis Tea Sugar […]