Jan 012013
New Years Eve, German Paris Style

New Years Eve in Germany seems to be about three things: Shopping, Drinking and Fireworks.  “OK,” I can hear you thinking, “I get the Shopping– but Drinking and Fireworks?”  …Nah, its the other way around, yes?  What is the deal with the shopping?  Well, for that you have to understand the proclivity of Europe, especially Small Town Europe, to close down at the drop of a hat.  People don’t generally work in shifts, so every […]

May 162012
Up and At Em

Tell me your town is this serious about asparagus!(And, no, I am not sure why it has a whistle tied to the stalks) The Black Forest Phoenix RIP Spellbound, Long Live Black Forest Games!  Today David and about 20-30 of his co-workers went in to their old place of employment and were hired by a brand new company.  I can only imagine the logistical organization that must have been involved in managing all of this […]

May 092012
Bashing and Flashing

I told them to “pose like Americans” 😉 Festivities for All Well, after all the stress of last week, it was about time to break loose and have some fun!  Granted, Fun is not always stress-free.  But, it does have the advantage of being… er… FUN!  So, without further ado, here are Three Point Five Fun Things that Happened This Week! First Up- DS’s 12 Birthday! In Germany, the tradition is for the birthday celebrantto […]

Jan 012012
Happy New Year!

We hope 2012 brings times of prosperity, fulfillment, healing and joy to everyone!  I think our whole family will have to agree that 2011 was one of the most memorable years we have ever had. Obviously, this is our first New Year celebration in our New Country.  As such, we weren’t really sure what to expect.  Earlier this week we went to the local Home Supply Store and discovered a startlingly large supply of fireworks.  […]

May 142011
66 meters to glory

Today was Saturday.  Saturdays are a more significant day for us here than in the states.  This is because here, it is really the only weekend day that counts!  Sure, Sunday is a day of rest.  But, really, it is a day of forced rest.  Shops aren’t open.  Buses barely run.  Only a few pizzerias and ice cream parlors are even available for emergency food- oh, and McDonald’s.  This Saturday we had a long agenda.  […]