Dec 162015
Culture Shock

What We Have Been Learning and Doing Alright, we have been here almost 2 months.  Long enough to get a feel for the place.  But far far from feeling like we know what we are doing!  If you are looking in terms of Big Strokes, living in SE London is very similar to life in the US.  You live in a house, go to work, go to school, have doctors and markets and all that […]

Nov 072015
Picture and Ponder

Lots of folks have been asking us what it is like living in London.  Honestly, we are just at the very beginning of our adventure here, and many of our experiences have been colored by the frustration of our Visa situation.  However, after a fortnight, it seems as if I ought to be able to at least give a few thoughts and tidbits.  Here, in no particular order, are some observations, notes and experiences I […]

Nov 112013
German Japanese Vietnamese

Sunday was Johan’s birthday, so he invited folks out to a brand new Sushi & Vietnamese restaurant in town called YamYam.  Now, you must understand that this area of Germany does not have a large Asian population- though Dusseldorf to our north has, I am told, the largest Japanese immigrant population in Europe.  Thus, most restaurants in this area tend to serve an odd sort of mixed-bag “Asian” cuisine.  Strasbourg is a bit better, but […]

Jul 202013
Its not just Clean, Its German Clean: Pavers

Germans are a very clean people.  No, they are a borderline insanely clean people.  We regularly see folks out scrubbing their front steps with a bucket and a scrub brush.  I once saw a woman sweeping hail off her front patio during a hail storm! Shop keepers get out wet brooms and scrub down the outside walls of their businesses.  And, yes, I will admit that I find all of this a wee bit intimidating! […]

May 112013

One of the most wonderful aspects of living here, as far as I am concerned, is that the kids get opportunities to be exposed to all sorts of things they would just never see in the US.  DS was lucky enough to have the chance to travel to a Roman excavation site in central France this week with his class. The site is busy excavating the old town of Bibracte.  It was inhabited by Celts/Gauls/Druids […]

Apr 222013
In the mean time

Germany is still a bit wacky. In other news DS got new braces got a new brace.  We remembered at the last minute that he is allergic to nickel, which is part of the stainless steel they make braces out of.  SO, they decided to test out just one brace on his mouth.  He gets the full set on Tuesday. Otherwise, the big news around here has been the advent of Spring.  It really is […]

Apr 222013

The good news is: I have a new blog! The bad news is: It is for talking about my newly-diagnosed breast cancer. The good news is: There are a surprising number of amusing and interesting things about this unexpected journey. The good news is: I am in Germany, which happens to have an amazingly awesome Health Care system, knock wood. The good news is: We have this cool technology where I get to share- and […]

Apr 142013
All in a Day's Adventure, Part 2- The Castle Ruins

Kastelburg translates roughly to “castellated castle”, which as redundancies go has a certain amount of charm. We let Garmin take us to the castle, but after taking us to a warehouse instead of the zoo, it wanted us to drive up a fire and hiking lane.  That didn’t really seem OK.  Not a good day for our nav system!  So, we parked at the base of the hill across the way and set out for […]

Apr 142013
All in a Day's Adventure- Part 1, The Zoo

This was quite seriously the first sunny day we have had here since October.  I have been so ready for spring I haven’t known what to do with myself.  Apparently everyone else was, too, because we noticed that everyone seemed to be out and about today!  Yesterday, the stores were open.  Things were a little bit warm, but also a little rainy.  I bought some plants to welcome Spring.  The local nurseries were over-run.  Local […]

Apr 042013
Cultural Double-take of the Day

Today DS came running in to the living room insisting that he had found something indescribable on the toilet paper.  I must admit, when the boy is right, the boy is right! I feel the need to point out that the toiletpaper packaging itself is designed with a very cute puppy.  This isn’t the special adult TP.  Just, regular old, everyone needs it, here put it in your bathroom, toiletpaper.