Jan 012013
Recipe: Bagels

Ok, my German Friends.  You know those little hockey pucks they sell in the pre-cooked breads aisle at Kaufland?  Those are *not* bagels.  I do not know what they are, but seriously, just use them to prop your doors open and be done with it.  Likewise those weird seed-filled things they make into terrible sandwiches in France are not bagels.  Those are just dry, nasty, challenging, grainy rolls. Real bagels are sort of like a […]

Dec 222012
Recipe: Orange Honey Gingerbread Cookies

A couple people have requested this recipe, so I will post it here.  Since I can’t follow a recipe verbatim without tinkering here or there, it is a combination of two main recipes with some additions of my own. I almost always double it, but I am usually cooking for a group when I make these.   I used this site for metric conversions: www.jsward.com/cooking/conversion.shtml For Cookies: 1/3 cup molasses (80 mL) 1/3 cup honey […]

Dec 172012
Recipe: Festival Bread and Caribbean Chicken

And now for something completely different. A friend of mine was talking on Facebook about her culinary adventures and mentioned that she planned to make a Jamaican chicken stew and festival bread soon.  Now, I have prepared a number of Jamaican dishes (with the spice turned wayyy down), but I had never eaten an authentic Jamaican meal, nor had I had festival bread.  So, hey!  Something to try! I had an old recipe for Caribbean […]