Oct 212015
Wandering Around Berlin

Yesterday we took a taxi to our appointment with the Visa Filing business.  They were remarkably unable to answer simple questions (we are not visa officers, we are not allowed to answer), but, we are fairly confident that we provided enough documentation for what we need, knock wood.  After that, we are pretty much just cooling our heels waiting to be approved.  So, why not enjoy the city a bit?  Honestly, I am still not […]

Oct 022015
Packin' em Up and Checkin' em off

  Howdy all.  This is just a quick check in to say that YES, we are still planning to move to the UK in 10 days, and YES, there is mounting evidence that we are making progress toward that goal.  And HOLY CRAP we are moving to the UK in 10 days!  The real emotion of it is starting to set in as we continue our list of finals.  Final day at David’s work.  Final […]

Sep 182015
The Good, The Problematic, and the Unfinished, AKA Nitty Gritty

SO much has been happening so fast!  We set em up, knock em down, and then run to fetch the ones that got away. The Good We found a house to rent!  Much much thanks to Florian for boarding the bus day after day and vetting properties for us.  It was a harder process than we expected, but I am looking forward to our new home, and that is saying something! Our new home is […]

May 152015
A Day Every Ex-Pat has Experienced

  One thing every second language learner figures out early on is that it is much easier to conduct a conversation when you understand the context and have a general idea what you are likely to be talking about.  When you go to the market, for instance, you are likely to be asked things like “Do you need a bag?”, “Did you find everything you needed?”, “Do you want your receipt?”, and, if you are […]

Jul 212013
Corner Ham

We are having a heat wave- and a pretty serious one for Europe.  Hundreds of deaths have been attributed to the heat in recent days.  Most of them are in England, which seems to be really, really unprepared for the sun.  But Germany is suffering, too.  As Californians, we usually scoff at heat that may drive locals to distraction.  But, not today.  Today it was 36C/97F.  That is uncomfortable by just about any standards.  And, […]

Jul 162013
Another German Workman Who Shows Up on Our Doorstep

For the past several weeks there has been a notice posted on the apartment’s front door explaining that someone from the water and power company would need access to our water meters.  Fine and well enough, the meters are in the basement!  No trouble. Except.  Not all the meters are in the basement apparently.  Who knew?  No one has been by to check on anything at any other time.  But, it turns out that this […]

Jun 162013
More Weird Weather- a Wee little tornado

It wasn’t a Cow or a Truck, but it was still a little startling to look out the window and see large tufts of hay flying by!  At first the kids thought it might have been dropped by a passing airplane, but chatting with our local Berry Lady confirmed that it was just a case of some small Weather.  The hay was distributed in fields, yards, streets and on rooftops all through the neighborhood.  I […]

Jun 032013
The Flooding of the Rhein

Across Germany there is an unexpected amount of water this spring.  Apparently a late spring (delaying the melting of the snow pack) combined with heavy rains to overrun some of the country’s flood plans.  To our East, much of Bavaria is under water.  The Danube has been particularly problematic and we have been told that in some places the water is higher than it has been since 1501! But in our area, knock wood, things […]

Apr 222013
In the mean time

Germany is still a bit wacky. In other news DS got new braces got a new brace.  We remembered at the last minute that he is allergic to nickel, which is part of the stainless steel they make braces out of.  SO, they decided to test out just one brace on his mouth.  He gets the full set on Tuesday. Otherwise, the big news around here has been the advent of Spring.  It really is […]

Apr 022013
Plague House

And, we’re back! Those of you who follow me in Facebook know that this month has been the month of illness in our house, which explains, I hope, the gap in posting. Rather than give excruciating details on stuff no one wants to hear, (really, really, you don’t)  I will just say: Avoid Norovirus, boys and girls!  And, if you get it, don’t be surprised if opportunistic other-illnesses jump in and kick your tush when […]