Oct 212015
Wandering Around Berlin

Yesterday we took a taxi to our appointment with the Visa Filing business.  They were remarkably unable to answer simple questions (we are not visa officers, we are not allowed to answer), but, we are fairly confident that we provided enough documentation for what we need, knock wood.  After that, we are pretty much just cooling our heels waiting to be approved.  So, why not enjoy the city a bit?  Honestly, I am still not […]

Oct 182015
Leveling up with some mini-bosses and a major quest

You know how when you are planning out a big project, you think about all the contingencies.  What if water buffalo stampede our camp site?  What if the Imperials intercept our droid and overrun our rebel base?  What if the baby grows a moustache and Santa can no longer recognize him?  You know all the silly stuff that almost never happens, but you should plan for anyways?  Yeah.  Our percentage is WAY up from the […]

Sep 182015
The Good, The Problematic, and the Unfinished, AKA Nitty Gritty

SO much has been happening so fast!  We set em up, knock em down, and then run to fetch the ones that got away. The Good We found a house to rent!  Much much thanks to Florian for boarding the bus day after day and vetting properties for us.  It was a harder process than we expected, but I am looking forward to our new home, and that is saying something! Our new home is […]

Nov 112013
German Japanese Vietnamese

Sunday was Johan’s birthday, so he invited folks out to a brand new Sushi & Vietnamese restaurant in town called YamYam.  Now, you must understand that this area of Germany does not have a large Asian population- though Dusseldorf to our north has, I am told, the largest Japanese immigrant population in Europe.  Thus, most restaurants in this area tend to serve an odd sort of mixed-bag “Asian” cuisine.  Strasbourg is a bit better, but […]

Aug 032013
Auenheim BBQ

Ever since summer started, our friend Emily has been trying to get the group together for a big BBQ.  But, somehow there was always something in the way.  It was too hot.  It was too rainy.  Everyone was broke.  People were out of town.  But, since Emily and her hubby Niko will be moving to Poland very soon, it was time to put the excuses aside.  Today it was hot AND rainy, but we had […]

Jul 272013
Frying in Freiburg

Today was hot.  It was possibly the hottest it has been since we arrived.  Temps were near 40C (100F) and humid.  In Offenburg, the humidity was about 40%.  I thought it might be a good day to go somewhere cooler.  Maybe somewhere we hadn’t spent much time.  Somewhere an hour’s (air conditioned) drive away.  Somewhere with a big, cool cathedral, shopping centers and museums.  Somewhere like… Freiburg! We had made a quick trip down to […]

Jul 162013
A little homesickness sparks some good home cooking

Food Glorious Food! Ok, so I admit it.  This month I got a little homesick.  After my whirlwind trip to the states, I started craving foods that are less readily available around here.  So, rather than whine about it, I set out to do something about it! First up, I really really wanted a piece of cake.  Only, I am the only one in the family who actually eats cake.  And I didn’t want to […]

Jun 202013

Tonight the BFG (Black Forest Games) crew had a BBQ to celebrate the Playstation launch of Giana. (YAY!)  Several backers were invited and we all hung out on the rooftop eating BBQ and chitting and chatting.  I decided to gussy up and wear the blue hair- why not?  How often does one have a genuine Blue Hair occasion handed to them?  I mean, I can make any day a blue hair day, but this seemed […]

Jun 162013
Offenburg International Festival

I have, in the past, likened this event to a larger and more adult version of the Girl Scout International Fests that DD and I participated in back in the day.  Little booths line the marktplatz and the town is awash with spicy and sweet smells, ethnic music, and lots and lots of people. This year we sampled a new treat apparently from Hungary and Romania-  kürtös kálacs.  They are normally made on a BBQ, […]

Jun 162013
Whirlwind US Vacation and Reunion Trip

Ok there are fast trips and FAST trips.  This one was quick! My Dad’s side of the family, Franchini-Herweck, was having a reunion.  As many of you know, I am in treatment for breast cancer, so I wasn’t sure if I could make it.  But, my Mom arranged for DS and me to fly in on Thursday (after my Wednesday chemo) and fly back again on Monday night (to arrive on Tuesday night here in […]