Dec 162015
Culture Shock

What We Have Been Learning and Doing Alright, we have been here almost 2 months.  Long enough to get a feel for the place.  But far far from feeling like we know what we are doing!  If you are looking in terms of Big Strokes, living in SE London is very similar to life in the US.  You live in a house, go to work, go to school, have doctors and markets and all that […]

Nov 272015
Effort, Learning, and Progress

Being 18 and an American Paris in London Do you remember being 18?  So much promise!  Maybe you started college, or your first *real* job.  Maybe you got a car, or a person to steadily date.  Whatever your personal path, 18 is typically a time of huge growth and maturation. I think I have mentioned before that we have a tendency to live our lives on Difficulty Level David.  In most video games, you can […]

Nov 072015
Anecdotes and Illustrations

  Today marks 2 weeks in London and we are just starting to get into the swing of things.  If, of course, by that you mean “are able to eat and take showers and get to the grocery store”.  If you mean “got the kids in school, can get medical needs dealt with, and know how to speak the local lingo”, we are pretty much not swinging at all.  The pendulum is stuck and glaring […]

Oct 212015
Wandering Around Berlin

Yesterday we took a taxi to our appointment with the Visa Filing business.  They were remarkably unable to answer simple questions (we are not visa officers, we are not allowed to answer), but, we are fairly confident that we provided enough documentation for what we need, knock wood.  After that, we are pretty much just cooling our heels waiting to be approved.  So, why not enjoy the city a bit?  Honestly, I am still not […]

Oct 182015
Leveling up with some mini-bosses and a major quest

You know how when you are planning out a big project, you think about all the contingencies.  What if water buffalo stampede our camp site?  What if the Imperials intercept our droid and overrun our rebel base?  What if the baby grows a moustache and Santa can no longer recognize him?  You know all the silly stuff that almost never happens, but you should plan for anyways?  Yeah.  Our percentage is WAY up from the […]

Oct 082015
David's Wednesday.....  Aka the Berlin Story

SO…. you know how I reported that this last couple weeks each day has been filled with more things than fit into a day?  Multiply that by a factor of 12 and you get our last 36 hours. Wednesday morning David got up early to pick up his prescriptions from his diabetes doctor who had been out sick for the past week.  When he got there, the office staff informed him that his doctor had […]

Oct 022015
Packin' em Up and Checkin' em off

  Howdy all.  This is just a quick check in to say that YES, we are still planning to move to the UK in 10 days, and YES, there is mounting evidence that we are making progress toward that goal.  And HOLY CRAP we are moving to the UK in 10 days!  The real emotion of it is starting to set in as we continue our list of finals.  Final day at David’s work.  Final […]

Sep 182015
The Good, The Problematic, and the Unfinished, AKA Nitty Gritty

SO much has been happening so fast!  We set em up, knock em down, and then run to fetch the ones that got away. The Good We found a house to rent!  Much much thanks to Florian for boarding the bus day after day and vetting properties for us.  It was a harder process than we expected, but I am looking forward to our new home, and that is saying something! Our new home is […]

Sep 042015
I've got 99 problems and.... No actually that is one, too

Well, many of you have already read about us making an international move.  So, if I am going to make this interesting, I guess I had better focus on the differences…. and, of course, the wildly amusing English Names. For instance, Bromley has, in no particular order: Jackass Ln., Hobblingwell Wood Recreation Park, Dursley Road, Beaverwood School for Girls, Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School, Tootswood Rd., Cofton Infant School, Well Hall Pleasaunce, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights […]