Nov 272015
Effort, Learning, and Progress

Being 18 and an American Paris in London Do you remember being 18?  So much promise!  Maybe you started college, or your first *real* job.  Maybe you got a car, or a person to steadily date.  Whatever your personal path, 18 is typically a time of huge growth and maturation. I think I have mentioned before that we have a tendency to live our lives on Difficulty Level David.  In most video games, you can […]

May 022015
Tonka Bean Bonanza

  Shortly after we arrived in Offenburg, I got some gourmet hot chocolate that boasted the flavor of “Tonkabohnen”, tonka beans. Never having heard of this spice, I immediately did some research. Tonka beans are a South American legume with similar chemical properties to vanilla. They also contain a naturally occurring substance called coumarin (not to be confused with Coumadin, which is a blood thinning medication derived from but not chemically equivalent to coumarin- see […]

Jan 262014
Martin and David S. Got Older!

So, we had a nice little sushi party at the same Yam-yam restaurant that we had been to a couple months back.  LOTS of food, and a good time was had by all!  Thanks guys!!! [Show as slideshow] 12►

Nov 112013
German Japanese Vietnamese

Sunday was Johan’s birthday, so he invited folks out to a brand new Sushi & Vietnamese restaurant in town called YamYam.  Now, you must understand that this area of Germany does not have a large Asian population- though Dusseldorf to our north has, I am told, the largest Japanese immigrant population in Europe.  Thus, most restaurants in this area tend to serve an odd sort of mixed-bag “Asian” cuisine.  Strasbourg is a bit better, but […]

Aug 182013
Party Week- Emily and Niko Poland Bound

Sadly, two of my favorite Offenburg denizens are making a Big Move.  In the US, when someone takes a distant job it is likely to be in another state.  Here, with country-sizes shrunk a bit, a distant job is likely to take you to a different country.  Our friend Niko has taken a job in Warsaw! My Great-Grampa Englebert Kwasigroch (pronounced just like its spelled, quazi-grow, of course!) would surely approve.  And, yes, Warsaw is […]

Aug 032013
Auenheim BBQ

Ever since summer started, our friend Emily has been trying to get the group together for a big BBQ.  But, somehow there was always something in the way.  It was too hot.  It was too rainy.  Everyone was broke.  People were out of town.  But, since Emily and her hubby Niko will be moving to Poland very soon, it was time to put the excuses aside.  Today it was hot AND rainy, but we had […]

Jul 272013
Frying in Freiburg

Today was hot.  It was possibly the hottest it has been since we arrived.  Temps were near 40C (100F) and humid.  In Offenburg, the humidity was about 40%.  I thought it might be a good day to go somewhere cooler.  Maybe somewhere we hadn’t spent much time.  Somewhere an hour’s (air conditioned) drive away.  Somewhere with a big, cool cathedral, shopping centers and museums.  Somewhere like… Freiburg! We had made a quick trip down to […]

Jul 212013
Corner Ham

We are having a heat wave- and a pretty serious one for Europe.  Hundreds of deaths have been attributed to the heat in recent days.  Most of them are in England, which seems to be really, really unprepared for the sun.  But Germany is suffering, too.  As Californians, we usually scoff at heat that may drive locals to distraction.  But, not today.  Today it was 36C/97F.  That is uncomfortable by just about any standards.  And, […]

Jul 162013
A little homesickness sparks some good home cooking

Food Glorious Food! Ok, so I admit it.  This month I got a little homesick.  After my whirlwind trip to the states, I started craving foods that are less readily available around here.  So, rather than whine about it, I set out to do something about it! First up, I really really wanted a piece of cake.  Only, I am the only one in the family who actually eats cake.  And I didn’t want to […]

Jul 162013
Weird German Food of the Week:

Yes, that is a Soy Sausage.  In fact, it is a Soy Pork Sausage because, come on, even if you are a lactose intolerant vegetarian, this is still Germany!