May 232013
Focus Point- Strasbourg Museums

David’s Mom and her friend Nancy have been visiting us this last week.  Unfortunately, the weather has been a bit iffy.  We had one gloriously sunny day- during which we explored outdoors in Strasbourg, the old part of the city, the Cathedral and its square, etc.  But, the following day was grey and rainy.  Since I was (ehem) a bit under the weather myself, David took our guests on a tour of 5 museums that […]

May 072013
Focus Point: Pizza, Weird German Food of the Week

Let’s talk Pizza. I have mentioned German Pizza in previous posts, but it is so delightfully NOT what an American might expect, it deserves a post all of its own.  First off, it is important to know that there are three main providers of pizza in Germany. Actual Italian restaurants run by actual Italians.  These places tend to be expensive, but good.  Italy is just down the road, so you can expect fresh, authenic sauces, […]

Apr 302013
Focus Point: German Cemeteries

With the beautiful spring days interspersed with the rain, and the need to occasionally “walk off” the stress of the last couple weeks, David and I decided to meander into the closest town of Bühl this last weekend.  There we happened upon a very friendly cat- and an unexpected graveyard. In Germany, as in many other places in Europe, you do not actually buy your burial plot- you rent it.  Usually the rent is for […]

Mar 062013
Focus Point: Foods of the Journey (Weird German Foods of the Week)

Ok, so here is the fun stuff.  What did we eat and how was it? First up, Breakfast.  German breakfast is quite different than breakfast in the US.  They don’t really do pancakes, french toast, bacon and eggs, omelets or the like.  Typical German breakfasts seem to consist of rolls, cold cuts, jams and marmalade, soft boiled eggs and/or maybe meuslix or another breakfast cereal (all called “corn flakes”).  Hotels that cater to English speaking […]

Mar 012013
Focus Point: Ehekarussell (Marriage Carousel) Fountain

My favorite piece of art on the entire trip was a fountain that they have near the White Tower and St. Elisabeth’s Church in Nürnberg.  It is called Ehekarussell, or Marriage Carousel.  The piece is based off of a poem by sixteenth century poet Hans Sachs that describes marriage in rather unpleasant terms.  The romance and lust turn to obligation and decline, ending with the couple in old age grasping at each other’s throats.  I […]