Dec 172012
Fahrschule and the Autopaeia

Ok, so after a full year here and many stops and starts, we are back on the road (ehem) to becoming fully licensed German Drivers!  YAY!  Those of you who have been reading for a while will remember that we have taken several steps on our journey to ruling the autobahn.  We jumped through paperwork hoops, got eye exams, paid money, and most notably took a truly shock-and-awe inspiring CPR and First Aid class put […]

Oct 082011
We Survived, but.... ick.

Holy Moly. So, context- In order to get our German Driver’s Licenses we are required to take a First Responders class.  This is so that every driver in Germany knows what to do if they are in, or happen upon, an injury accident.  Not a bad idea, really.  Ours was taught by the Red Cross.  8:30-4:30 on a Saturday.  We had no idea what to expect. We prayed that there wouldn’t be a test! I imagined […]