Jan 262014
Karlesruhe Sojourn, a Perfekt Futur

For a work project, David has been making a trek up to the next big German city- Karlesruhe.  Each time he comes back and says “dang, I should have brought the camera”.  So, this time, he took the camera.  And here is what he saw: [Show as slideshow]

Jun 162013
Whirlwind US Vacation and Reunion Trip

Ok there are fast trips and FAST trips.  This one was quick! My Dad’s side of the family, Franchini-Herweck, was having a reunion.  As many of you know, I am in treatment for breast cancer, so I wasn’t sure if I could make it.  But, my Mom arranged for DS and me to fly in on Thursday (after my Wednesday chemo) and fly back again on Monday night (to arrive on Tuesday night here in […]

Jun 032013
The Flooding of the Rhein

Across Germany there is an unexpected amount of water this spring.  Apparently a late spring (delaying the melting of the snow pack) combined with heavy rains to overrun some of the country’s flood plans.  To our East, much of Bavaria is under water.  The Danube has been particularly problematic and we have been told that in some places the water is higher than it has been since 1501! But in our area, knock wood, things […]

Mar 062013
Traveling to Dresden: Adieu and The Aftermath

Leaving Dresden  After our long days in the snow, it was early to bed and early to rise.  Monday meant departure day for our little band, and Return to Work and School for our hosts.  We were all sorry to leave and reluctant to return to Real Life.  Connie drove us to the train station, and off we went.  As usual, we hit the wrong train car.  Sigh.  But, we were soon situated and on […]

Mar 012013
Traveling to Dresden: Arriving in Dresden and Weinböhla

After about 12 hours on trains over two days, we finally made it to Dresden!  Our welcome couldn’t have been warmer. When Mom worked for the college in Fullerton, CA. she met a pair of German exchange students and they became friends.  Since that time those students, Connie and Peter, have married (each other!), started careers, bought a house, and had two sons (J and E).  This was the family we were here to visit.  […]

Mar 012013
Traveling to Dresden: A Long Snow Journey into Night

Trains To people in the US trains carry a certain Romantic mystique.  We think of the Old West, or Dr. Zhivago, or long, literary travel logs of days gone by.  But, in Europe trains are a ubiquitous aspect of daily life.  As one of my German friends noted, trains were “basically my school bus replacement”.  Because of this fact, Germans are very good at riding the trains.  They know where to stand, how to get […]

Feb 282013
Traveling to Dresden: Stage One, Nürnberg

The first stage of our journey involved taking a train from Offenburg up to Nürnberg.  (That is “Nuremberg” to the English speaking crew.  As an aside, I really have no idea why we insist on changing the names of places around the world.) Right off the bat let me say: I really loved Nürnberg!  I want to go back!  I want to explore more. We didn’t see all of it, of course, with only a […]

Dec 172012
Fahrschule and the Autopaeia

Ok, so after a full year here and many stops and starts, we are back on the road (ehem) to becoming fully licensed German Drivers!  YAY!  Those of you who have been reading for a while will remember that we have taken several steps on our journey to ruling the autobahn.  We jumped through paperwork hoops, got eye exams, paid money, and most notably took a truly shock-and-awe inspiring CPR and First Aid class put […]

Oct 082011
We Survived, but.... ick.

Holy Moly. So, context- In order to get our German Driver’s Licenses we are required to take a First Responders class.  This is so that every driver in Germany knows what to do if they are in, or happen upon, an injury accident.  Not a bad idea, really.  Ours was taught by the Red Cross.  8:30-4:30 on a Saturday.  We had no idea what to expect. We prayed that there wouldn’t be a test! I imagined […]