Oct 212015
The remains of The Wall at Checkpoint Charlie

The remains of The Wall at Checkpoint Charlie

Yesterday we took a taxi to our appointment with the Visa Filing business.  They were remarkably unable to answer simple questions (we are not visa officers, we are not allowed to answer), but, we are fairly confident that we provided enough documentation for what we need, knock wood.  After that, we are pretty much just cooling our heels waiting to be approved.  So, why not enjoy the city a bit?  Honestly, I am still not able to do long walks without paying a pretty significant physical price.  We crossed my limits a couple times this week already. But, as long as we give me breaks, I do alright.  Knock more wood :)

So, here are a few photos of things we have seen recently.  Today is a Recovery and Work Day.  But, tomorrow we hope to go see at least one of the museums on Museum Island.  Because, yes, Museum Island is totally a thing!  So, until then, here is some random public art and a few other tidbits.


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  1. So the bear is like the Durer rabbit displays we saw in Nuremberg. I like them. You will enjoy the museums. Take your time and don’t over do. I hope all is well with Morgaine.

    Love you all

  2. If you are still there… eat a giant pizza at Trattoria Venezia. And then go to Treptower Park. I don’t know where you guys are staying, but… giant pizza.

    Thinking of you.

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