Oct 022015
The Growing Pile of Evidence

The Growing Pile of Evidence


Howdy all.  This is just a quick check in to say that YES, we are still planning to move to the UK in 10 days, and YES, there is mounting evidence that we are making progress toward that goal.  And HOLY CRAP we are moving to the UK in 10 days!  The real emotion of it is starting to set in as we continue our list of finals.  Final day at David’s work.  Final day at the kids’ school.  Final visit to this shop, that doctor, etc.  There really are many many wonderful things about our lives here that we will miss terribly.  On the other hand, we are starting to get more concrete ideas about what life in London may be like, and that is both scary and thrilling!  So many things to learn and explore!  Plus, doggability.  This is all good, but I won’t lie and pretend I am not shedding a few tears this week, as well.

As for the prep work…. We have packed 20 out of our expected 50 boxes (Mostly, David).  We have driven all over town dealing with paperwork and jumping through hoops (also mostly David).  We have researched the heck out of our new area (mostly me).  And we have made plans, enacted plans, changed plans, and made back-up plans on many things.  Highlights include:

  • Finished up DD’s braces and filed paperwork to get money back from the German Government because she went all the way through (they do that here!  How cool is that?)
  • Negotiated with the car dealership for a reasonable deal returning the car (Yay David!)
  • Re-negotiated with the movers to get that all tacked down reasonably, as well (Also Yay David!)
  • Payed what is hopefully our final speed-trap-camera ticket from Germany (David had to go to 5 or 6 different places to get this one dealt with.  That is highly unusual, but we won’t be missing theses at all!  For the record, this was a ticked for going 34mph in a 31 mph zone (56 kph in a 50 kph)….  yeah, they MEAN it when they put a number on a sign.)
  • Started making the Good-bye rounds with friends (mostly DS)
  • Identified and contacted several universities that DD may apply to, and started to establish what path is best to take to get from HERE to THERE- not exactly a gimme when you consider how different the British System is from anything else we have dealt with before.  And we have dealt with school systems in 3.5 countries already!
  • Found homes and potential homes for several large pieces of furniture we will be unable to bring with us.
  • Determined the general lay-out and room sizes for the new place and compared those to current floor plans and contents.  Realized we need to streamline a little bit.  (Right now we have a very-large great-room, and the new place has two medium-sized rooms as replacements- also only one bathroom which is oddly located upstairs.  Whassup with that London?)
  • Running, re-running, checking, re-evaluating and re-checking finances repeatedly and often.
  • Filled out finalization paperwork with several businesses and worked on finishing up several more.
  • Arranged to make arrangements with our landlord to check out what we need to do to get our deposit back.
  • Arranged for flights, rental car and hotel stays.

Oh yeah, and we also all had about a week of being sick with the flu.  NOT part of the plan, but, I suppose not unexpected.

So the march goes on.  Hopefully next time we will have a few more scintillating bits and pieces to share.  But, didn’t want you thinking we were being too quiet!

  4 Responses to “Packin’ em Up and Checkin’ em off”

  1. I am so proud of your logistical ability. You know what it takes to make a move. My English/Irish realtor looked at your floor plan and said 80% of the homes in London have the same…even the no toilet downstairs. The odd box in the kitchen is definitely the water heater and you have a grand yard.

    This is really happening quickly. Our hose is being shown Saturday and Sunday so we have made arrangements for the dogs at doggy daycare. We are trying to keep the house ship shape and still live here!

    Take it as easily as you can and heal from that flu! Love you all

    • Showing a house is, I think, almost as stressful as the escrow process! Good luck! You seem to be in good hands! Also, loving the insider info :)

  2. Please adopt a British accent. 😀 😀 😀

    • Things to adopt in London: Dog, British Accent, A Posh Attitude, A Mysterious Countenance, An Inexplicable Desire to Eat Fish Sticks and Custard

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