Jan 262014

Perfect Future

For a work project, David has been making a trek up to the next big German city- Karlesruhe.  Each time he comes back and says “dang, I should have brought the camera”.  So, this time, he took the camera.  And here is what he saw:

  2 Responses to “Karlesruhe Sojourn, a Perfekt Futur”

  1. What a nice place to visit. The container offices are happening here too. Many theaters I have been in were a bit insane. I’m glad David shared these.

  2. Karlsruhe! When I still lived in Gengenbach, I was in KA almost every weekend. I even know where Perfekt Futur is, kind of (I got off at the wrong stop — hey, “Tullastraße” and “Kronenplatz” sound exactly the same).

    Thanks for the pics! I am a fan of the containers.

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