Nov 112013

Sunday was Johan’s birthday, so he invited folks out to a brand new Sushi & Vietnamese restaurant in town called YamYam.  Now, you must understand that this area of Germany does not have a large Asian population- though Dusseldorf to our north has, I am told, the largest Japanese immigrant population in Europe.  Thus, most restaurants in this area tend to serve an odd sort of mixed-bag “Asian” cuisine.  Strasbourg is a bit better, but on this side of the border the selection is limited and expensive.  Honestly, lack of good Chinese and Japanese food options has been a disappointment.  Many of the Sushi restaurants we have thought to try have sent us running when the odor that met us at the doorway was rotting fish.  Never a good sign!  So, it was with Cautious Hope that we approached this now opportunity.

YamYam is tucked back off the main walking path in a small business center.  Not the sort of place you are likely to find without intending to.  So, we took it as a good indicator that they seemed to be doing a bustling business on this Sunday evening.  Our large group of 13 were put at the stylish long-bench table at the back.  Service was a bit slow, even for a German restaurant, but we took that to be because A) we were a large group and B) they are clearly newbs.  The waiter had trouble identifying dishes by name instead of number.  Foods came out in drips and drabs, a few people at a time.  A few menu items had run scarce.  And, at least one drink order was confused/lost.  BUT, all that being said, the food itself was quite pleasant- the sushi was the best I have had in Germany or France to date.  Everyone had a good time, and I think we all left feeling full and satisfied- especially after the giant platter of sushi that Johan ordered arrive… just in time for dessert :)

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  1. Looks like fun! I am sure Audric will want to give it a try!

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