Jun 202013

Tonight the BFG (Black Forest Games) crew had a BBQ to celebrate the Playstation launch of Giana. (YAY!)  Several backers were invited and we all hung out on the rooftop eating BBQ and chitting and chatting.  I decided to gussy up and wear the blue hair- why not?  How often does one have a genuine Blue Hair occasion handed to them?  I mean, I can make any day a blue hair day, but this seemed perfect!  Mostly friends, and a few backers I would never see again.  Even if I weren’t all that brave, it was a soft crowd.

Film Crew

Film Crew

The first thing I noticed when we arrived was that there was a film crew there.  Er. Ok, hadn’t counted on that!  There are a group that has been doing a documentary on BFG for the last couple weeks, I guess.  Hi Guys!  Ok, that almost triggered my Shy, but I fought the beast and got down to making small talk and lining up for food.

Florian Awesomeness

Florian Awesomeness

I had never been on the nice patio area that BFG has on the roof.  Very pleasant- but definitely needs some more SHADE.  Both our poor cooks were looking mighty toasty by the time the festivities were winding down.  The rest of us had the option of running in and out, but it was still quite toasty.  Luckily a light wind had picked up and things got comfortable by the second half.

Florian was resplendent in his awesome new ensemble- complete with the greatest boots EVER (see gallery).  And, after the usual mill about uncertainly time, everyone got their conversational skillz in groove and a pleasant time was had by all!  Well, I think it was had by all.  I will at least attest to “most”.  There was one poor backer who looked like he felt a bit out of place, and DS got a bit bored at one point, as well.   Still, he held his own speaking German to a couple folks.  So big points there!

The most exciting bit was at the end, though.  Forecasts had been for thundershowers, so, as we were leaving I took a glance to the sky and noticed that it looked like some rain was heading our way.  We said our good-byes and had just gotten settled at home when all heck broke loose!  Wicked winds blew up, thunder and lightning flashed, and horizontal rain swept through.  Outside the windows tree branches sailed by!  DS got so worried that he ran around the house putting down blast shields!

I had images in my mind of BBQs blowing over, BFG folks chasing tables in the wind, and catastrophe of all sorts.  But, luckily, everyone managed to get things inside before the true storminess hit!  Several folks had already started home and had to pull to the side of the road to let the worst of it past.  And, I am told Borries just kicked out on his skateboard and surfed his way home!

Definitely and exciting end to a mellow BBQ!

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  1. You look great in that wig. Think of using that style in the grow out stage. Those boots are amazing. Did he buy them locally? That slide is a kick. The storm looks like what we had in the mid West a week or so ago. Audric was right as there is always the chance of tornados.

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