Jun 032013
Wrestling Statue Flooded

I always think of this statue as Harry Potter Vs. Voldemort

Across Germany there is an unexpected amount of water this spring.  Apparently a late spring (delaying the melting of the snow pack) combined with heavy rains to overrun some of the country’s flood plans.  To our East, much of Bavaria is under water.  The Danube has been particularly problematic and we have been told that in some places the water is higher than it has been since 1501!

But in our area, knock wood, things have been more contained.  The Rhein has overrun its banks.  However, locally that just means that a few parks are underwater.  Still sort of impressive though!  We stopped by the iconic walking bridge that connects Strasbourg and Kehl to check out the damage.  Many other folks seemed to have a similar idea.  We have friends who live on the block that faces the river, so we were glad to see that there is still a good 10 feet of space before their houses are in any danger.  For now, the word is that the Rhein has stabilized, knock more wood.  So, here are a few photos to give you an idea what the area looks like when it is, you know, underwater.  As for that clown sign… um… the less said the better!

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of water. There was major flooding on the East side in 2000. Many of the sites we saw in Dresden were flooded. The water always looks so dirty when it fllos on the rivers. I am glad there was not more damage.

  2. Stay safe, guys. I saw this on the news and went “WHAT.”

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