May 092013
Horse cart

Horsey Horsey on your way, We’ve been together for many a day

Today I really needed to get out of the house.  So, we piled into the car and took off toward Kehl, just to see what was up.  As it happens, what was up was a town fair!  And quite the happenin’ one, too.  The main parking lot was overrun.  We parked a few blocks away behind the train station instead.  On our way over we saw these folks:

Horse Cart Close

So let your tail go swish as the wheels turn round, Giddyup! I’m homeward bound!

I wondered where they would park!

The fair itself  had a festive, bustling air.  There were shops selling everything from spices, to jewelry, to piercings to fake hair braided into your own.  There was even, I swear though I forgot to snap a photo, a stand selling lightbulbs.  Something we have not seen at other festivals were these stands with “fruit bowls” in them.  There were at least three stands selling the fruit-floating drinks, and you could also get them with a shot of vodka 😉

even more fruit bowls

Actually, alcohol was plentiful.  There were probably a dozen beer and wine stands and a handful of full bars serving mixed drinks.  There were also an uncommonly high number of wurst stands, each selling at least 1/2 dozen varieties of grilled sausage.  David got a sandwich with 4 spicy wursts on it!  With the better weather, BBQ was definitely the theme.  I got a sandwich boasting roast piglet- and, indeed, they were roasting it on a spit just behind the counter.

There were also other treats- ice cream, churros, cotton candy, etc.  And there were a couple of different venues for live bands.  When we were there in the afternoon there were large bands playing upbeat standards- ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones was one catchy tune.  There were a few carnival rides, but nothing that tempted me.

Carnival ride with cafe patrons

Carnival ride with cafe patrons

Finally, there was, of course, the ubiquitous Andes pipe player.  Someday I will put together a photo album of every one we have seen around Europe.  Then the CIA will come get me because there is simply No Way that this many people from South America have decided for a life on the road through little villages of Europe.  They have to be plants of some sort- each under cover for some world government, playing their spy games to the tunes of Zamphyr… Pipes of Pan just have “break my code, Mr. Bond” written all over them.

Andes Piper

Andes Piper, or Secret Agent, you decide

Here are a few more things we saw there:



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  1. Kim’s Mother told me what the name o this fest might be but I forgot it. She said it was one where all the men would drink in excess. My experience was that was common at most tests. Maybe the that explains the vodka fruit bowls?

    • I have rarely seen Germans obviously drunk in public, but there were several groups of rowdy, loud men hanging around the various alcohol stands. So, I think she was probably on the money!

  2. Is that a bellpepper trashcan??

    • It certainly seems to be peppery…. The exact species is up to interpretation, I think…..

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