Apr 222013

Germany is still a bit wacky.


This robotic lawnmower is for the great outdoors what roomba is for your den. What could go wrong?

In other news DS got new braces got a new brace.  We remembered at the last minute that he is allergic to nickel, which is part of the stainless steel they make braces out of.  SO, they decided to test out just one brace on his mouth.  He gets the full set on Tuesday.

One Brace Face

Otherwise, the big news around here has been the advent of Spring.  It really is lovely.  There is sun and rain and flowers and a complete lack of snow and ice greeting us in the morning.  Considering what much of the US and Switzerland have had to deal with this month, we will take it!


Our Entryway on Spring

With Spring come all sorts of new fruit and veggie choices.  I have reported on Spargel Season before (Asparagus is KING!), but that is not the only thing to show up at the markets.  Strawberries have finally arrived- and some more unusual offerings.  This week we decided to try out Dragon Fruit and Star Fruit.  Amusingly, we discovered Star Fruit smells just like Starburst brand candies.  The dragon fruit has a nifty, almost creamy center filled with little black seeds.  I liked the star fruit better, but everyone else preferred the dragon fruit.

The kids had this week off for Spring Break.  Other than the trip to the castle, we have been a bit stuck at home, so they have been finding ways to fill their time.  DD has been drawing a lot.  And DR decided he would use his clay set and magnets to work on a perpetual motion machine design he has been thinking about.  I approve!

Pretty sure that catches things up!

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  1. The fruit looks interesting. Do you just eat it raw or dos it have other applications, like pies?

    • I don’t know that I even would have thought of making a star fruit pie…. could be good. Hmm… Maybe more of a tart… Time for a web search!

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