Apr 142013

Kastelburg translates roughly to “castellated castle”, which as redundancies go has a certain amount of charm.

Schloss on the hill

The castle caught our eye as we came into town. Unfortunately, when we went back to find it, we discovered this was about as close as we could park! Time for a hike.

We let Garmin take us to the castle, but after taking us to a warehouse instead of the zoo, it wanted us to drive up a fire and hiking lane.  That didn’t really seem OK.  Not a good day for our nav system!  So, we parked at the base of the hill across the way and set out for a little walk.  Ok, a longer than little walk.  The sign indicated that the schloss was at least 1.6 km away.  All uphill.  And, I am certain, each measured using a faulty measuring wheel.  The walk seemed much longer.  And, did I mention, all uphill? The entire way.  UP.  Ok, yeah, I may not have walked as much over the long winter as we are accustomed to.  My legs got TIRED.

Plus, the signage wasn’t terrific and we couldn’t see the castle through the trees, so we were never really sure we were on the right track.  Still, tough to complain about being out and about in the woods on a beautiful afternoon!  Other than haranguing from DD and DH who seemed to think they were an acid tongued comedy team, it was an extremely pleasant walk.

There is apparently a bit of minor logging that goes on in the are and the entire first half of the hike was lined with neatly stacked piles of wood sorted by size.  Some thoughtful person had stacked a bunch of walking-stick sized pieces at the entrance and DS selected one that might work for him.  Then I selected one that was about 1/2 that size and handed him that.  Much better :)

The castle itself was wonderful.  Built between 1230-1260, it was clearly functional for its time and place.  The location afforded a view of the entire valley and town below.  There were many remaining arrow-slots, and the walls were thick.  We were surprised how cool the air inside the tower remained even as the temperatures outside approached 80 F.  DS and DH climbed all the way up the tower, though I quit about 1/2 through and DD was turned off by the uninviting wooden steps.

As usual, you must click on the photos to read the captions and click on the second page to see the next set of photos.

DS skin ReactionI am pretty sure that I have a couple blisters to remember the day by, but otherwise our only mishap was that DS came back with a skin rash on his arms.  We can only guess what caused it (Resin from the walking stick?  Sun exposure?  A local plant he is allergic to?), but it seems to be getting better now.  Still for a while all the exposed skin on his arms looked like this.  Owie!  He says it only hurt a bit, but gonna try to make sure this doesn’t become a habit!


  2 Responses to “All in a Day’s Adventure, Part 2- The Castle Ruins”

  1. It’s like we’re having the same kicks in different parts of Germany. I love castle ruins.

    And ouch on the skin rash. I didn’t even know that was a human limb at first. Sending my little buddy best wishes. :)

  2. Maybe the rash was from him sliding his arm down on the rails along the stairs. I hope he is better now.

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