Apr 062013


Sunday is officially Emily’s birthday, so, as far as the BFG crew were concerned, this was an occasion for: STEAK!  Also, tentacles.  And bread.  And meats of all kinds (though David eventually decided against the bunny rabbit).  There was also Big Money being flashed, and one of the least inviting toilet seats in my travels.

The fan favorite restaurant for such events is Ranchito in the next town over- it, like most steak houses in this area, is South American in theme.  And the decor definitely reflects this fact. Every surface is covered in something vaguely South American.  Colors are bright and tropical- which is a bit disarming in a 1/2 timber house of this type.

The night we went there were two young girls- maybe 8-12 years old- helping out.  We are guessing grand kids of the owners.  They would very shyly carry out drinks and pour wine into glasses.  Amazingly cute.  Someone questioned whether it was OK for kids that young to be handling drinks, but the idea was shrugged off by the Germans.  Its a family business!  Made sense to me.

No one really ever came up with a good explanation for the toilet seat, however.

After David and I made our good-byes much of the rest of the group continued out to a Shisha Bar (hookah), but, alas, I have no photos from that.  I think the ones I got are relatively fun and authentic, though!  It really is a fascinating and wonderful group of people.  I never fail to learn something and laugh when we get together- and isn’t that pretty much the key to it all?


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  1. You all seem to be having a good time and that is Hoky Poky. The toilet set was off putting, though.

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