Apr 042013

Today DS came running in to the living room insisting that he had found something indescribable on the toilet paper.  I must admit, when the boy is right, the boy is right!

Hakle Wet- Make the butt a kisszone, too!  With Hakle!

The text says: Make the butt a Kisszone, too- with Hakle! Wet toilet paper is the perfect supplement to dry toilet paper. First dry, then wet, For a clean and fresh Feeling,

I feel the need to point out that the toiletpaper packaging itself is designed with a very cute puppy.  This isn’t the special adult TP.  Just, regular old, everyone needs it, here put it in your bathroom, toiletpaper.

  3 Responses to “Cultural Double-take of the Day”

  1. There’s a huge billboard of this close to Essen. I never looked close enough to realize it was for toilet paper. What I had in mind was totally off, lol

  2. Thanks for the smile 😉

  3. Your son is most observant.

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