Apr 022013

And, we’re back!

Those of you who follow me in Facebook know that this month has been the month of illness in our house, which explains, I hope, the gap in posting.

Rather than give excruciating details on stuff no one wants to hear, (really, really, you don’t)  I will just say: Avoid Norovirus, boys and girls!  And, if you get it, don’t be surprised if opportunistic other-illnesses jump in and kick your tush when you are already down.  We have been sick all month long.  Honestly, our big accomplishment for March was that no one wound up in the ER- and that was touch and go for a while with David!  But, alls well that ends well, I guess.  So, we will just ignore the vast majority of March and move right on to April!

Other than the illness, this month was about writing (me), finishing up another game (David), School (kids), and wishing it were a lot warmer.  We actually had snow on Easter.  It has been a long, cold winter!

There was also a fair bit of trying out weird German foods, of course.  And, celebrating Spring, even if Spring was a little loathe to show us its warmth. Here are a few photos to catch up:

Easter Weekend Celebration & Weird Foods







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  1. Sadly, most of the photos would not come up. I am glad you are feeling better and that Easter was good and tasty!

  2. It was having some trouble with image files today. Think I got them all cleared up now, though!

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