Apr 302013
Apr 222013
Apr 222013

The good news is: I have a new blog!

The bad news is: It is for talking about my newly-diagnosed breast cancer.

The good news is: There are a surprising number of amusing and interesting things about this unexpected journey.

The good news is: I am in Germany, which happens to have an amazingly awesome Health Care system, knock wood.

The good news is: We have this cool technology where I get to share- and other people are encouraged to talk, too.

The good news is: It does seem to help.

So, if you are at all interested in what it is like to work your way through the Wacky Weird World of discovering that you have cancer in a New Country, please feel free to check out http://www.suddenmarathon.com/

Apr 142013
Apr 142013
Apr 062013
Apr 042013

Today DS came running in to the living room insisting that he had found something indescribable on the toilet paper.  I must admit, when the boy is right, the boy is right!

Hakle Wet- Make the butt a kisszone, too!  With Hakle!

The text says: Make the butt a Kisszone, too- with Hakle! Wet toilet paper is the perfect supplement to dry toilet paper. First dry, then wet, For a clean and fresh Feeling,

I feel the need to point out that the toiletpaper packaging itself is designed with a very cute puppy.  This isn’t the special adult TP.  Just, regular old, everyone needs it, here put it in your bathroom, toiletpaper.

Apr 022013