Mar 062013
Mark's meats including snout in aspic

Ok, so here is the fun stuff.  What did we eat and how was it?

First up, Breakfast.  German breakfast is quite different than breakfast in the US.  They don’t really do pancakes, french toast, bacon and eggs, omelets or the like.  Typical German breakfasts seem to consist of rolls, cold cuts, jams and marmalade, soft boiled eggs and/or maybe meuslix or another breakfast cereal (all called “corn flakes”).  Hotels that cater to English speaking folks will often have bacon and scrambled eggs, but rolls are definitely the mainstay.


Breads are, incidentally, often very grainy, chewy, a little sweet and quite dense- some of them are not yeasted at all.  I plan to learn how to make some of these in the near future.  I only have a couple photos here, but if you look in many of the pics with full meals you will see all sorts of German breads.


Pork (or turkey) schnitzel is a mainstay for lunch, which is often the biggest meal of the day.  Mom seemed determined to sample as many pork schnitzel (Weiner Art) as possible.


Tomato Soup is another common food that seemed to turn up for us a lot.


Since we were traveling and indulging, we also wound up eating a lot of meats.  They are served pretty similarly to how you would expect to find them in the US.  Steaks, though, are often seasoned with South American flavorings because most steak houses here are South American.  There are, of course, some specialty meats that would not be common in the US.  Rabbit is served often here, though we didn’t eat it on this trip.  Many kinds of sausages are regional.  And, in the Dresden area we found many preparations with aspic- including one with pig snout and aspic that Mark said was quite tasty!


Before I get to desserts, here are a few other fun things we ate and encountered this trip:


And finally, the Snacks and Desserts portion of the tour.  I must say that Germans really do apple desserts very very well!  Also, the chocolates aren’t to be sneezed at!



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  1. The strawberry shortcake sustained us on of flight to Paris and beyond! Loved it all.

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