Mar 032013

Freunde means Friend

Sunday, as mentioned before, is a day of rest in Germany.  So, Mom and I happily spent most of the day kicking back with our feet up- watching as everyone else worked and played in the snow :)  We were especially happy to note that this was a rare opportunity for both of us!

SO, Sunday progressed slowly.  We got up, we had a leisurely breakfast, sipped coffee, chatted and relaxed.  Then the boys got all dressed for the snow and went out to work on an igloo and a really BIG snowman!  DS was very excited about sharing his new-found Snowman making skillz with the younger kids, but I suspected that given their status as Old Pros, they might have just as many tricks to share with him!  Whatever the case, they all seemed to have a wonderful time just romping and rolling and digging and frolicking in the white fluffy building material coating every outdoor surface.

After they were done, everyone went on a short walk- well, everyone except Mom and me.  Then they came home, got warm, ate lunch and went back out for More Snow Fun.  While the kids were out and about, we had a nice little skype chat with Peter’s mother.  Then it was time for Apfel Strudel!  O. M. G.  So very wonderfully good!



But, when you strudel before dinner, you must work to get your appetite back.  So, off we went again, this time for a longer walk- and Mom and I were along for this one.  Mom was amazed that we managed to hike uphill in the snow both ways- but DS thought it was all downhill.  I guess it is a matter of perspective.  :-)

Mom borrowed a pair of ski poles to keep her steady on the slushy roads.  Peter, who also has a leg injury, had used them earlier and it seemed a wise precaution.  Mark clamped on special snow grips to his shoes and they made his tracks quite distinctive as we walked.  But, I was on my own to keep my balance and footing with my low boots.  Luckily, and perhaps surprisingly, I did, in fact, manage to stay upright the entire way!  Woot!  It was a really gorgeous walk.  Peter and Connie live in a beautiful neighborhood that was only enhanced by the clean white layer.  DS took every opportunity he could find to literally throw himself down into every snow pile we encountered.  Peter, Connie and the kids engaged in one long running snowball fight throughout the entire walk.  It would get hot and heavy as we hit some new source of easily grabbed snow, then drop off as we went down the long country paths. We only went a couple kilometers, but with all the running around back and forth, I think the boys probably traveled twice that far- especially DS!

At the top of one hill we discovered a tiny little castle.  Peter tells us it actually was a tiny little castle- but now it is just apartments.  Hee.  Nothing goes to waste!  Also, there is a nice vineyard right next to it.  I bet it is quite the happy location come spring, and even happier come autumn!

Back home, we got the boys into some dry clothing, spruced up a bit and then headed out again- this time for a classy dinner at a local regional restaurant.  We were told it is “very authentic”, and I would definitely believe it.  One of the assortment of meats on the plate Mark ordered had pig snout in aspic!  And he liked it, too.  Who would have guessed?  What a great experience!

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