Mar 012013
Boys and snowy statue

Augustus and The Boys

After a comfortable night in Weinböhla, we slept in on Saturday.  Once everyone was up, it was time to Get Cultured!  Connie and Peter and the boys took us to the Residenzschloss in the heart of Dresden.  That is the Residence Castle where rulers of the region lived and played for about 400 years, from the 1500’s through 1918.

Awesome exhibitWOW.  Really.  Wow!  First off, it is huge.  Second, it is gorgeous.  Third, the inside is museums.  We only saw a small fraction of what there is to see.  We are told during the less frigid parts of the year the gardens are amazing, as well.  But, for now our main goal was to see a new exhibit they have recently opened.  It displays some of the armor and weapons used by the royals and their minions for tournaments, parades, and war.  Unfortunately, there were guards about every 15 feet to ensure that you did not snap any unauthorized photos or touch the displays.  And, the exhibit is so new that they don’t even have a guide book published for it, yet.  The wiki page shows some of the pieces from the older exhibit.  But, I will try to get some photos from the newer stuff once it becomes available.  In the mean time, I have a lot of photos from the exterior of the palace and the grounds.

Once we had seen the exhibits, we walked out along a long mural that depicts all the kings and electors of Saxony over the years.  Then we turned down a side street that has had restaurants on it since the castle was built.  These establishments were originally there to serve the coachmen and servants of the visiting dignitaries.  The place we ate was, in fact, called The Coachman.  And, I would not at all be surprised if it had been established that far back.  The food was excellent and I will post about that later.  But, the experience of eating there was just plain fun and refreshing.

There was a story on the kids’ menu and DS read it to the younger boys- in German.  I was impressed.

After our meal, we walked out on an overpass that gave a good view of the Elbe River.  By then several more inches of snow had fallen.  So, we had what I think was the third snowball fight of the day :)

Finally, walking back through the old district to our car, we stopped at a very modern mall and bought me a well-needed hat!  DS also found one to replace the one he lost earlier in the season.  So, we were happy and warmer campers.

NOTE: As usual, you must click on the images to see the descriptions.  Also, there are several pages of photos here.  If you want to see them all (and this set is pretty fun!), you must click on the numbers before scrolling through each photo.  There are 70 photos in all in this set.

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