Mar 012013

Fountain FrontMy favorite piece of art on the entire trip was a fountain that they have near the White Tower and St. Elisabeth’s Church in Nürnberg.  It is called Ehekarussell, or Marriage Carousel.  The piece is based off of a poem by sixteenth century poet Hans Sachs that describes marriage in rather unpleasant terms.  The romance and lust turn to obligation and decline, ending with the couple in old age grasping at each other’s throats.  I tried unsuccessfully to find a complete translation of the poem, so if you have (or could create) one, drop me a note and I will happily add it here.  I am absolutely in love with the grotesque imagery of the piece.  It was installed in 1984 amid much controversy, but I think it is well integrated in its space now.

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  1. An amazing piece, to be sure.

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