Feb 282013

ArrivalsWhen DD and DS were little, they had a surprising number of living grandparents, so Mom and Mark decided they needed a moniker that would easily distinguish them.  They played with a few ideas, but for perhaps obvious and less obvious reasons, Bubby and Zany is what stuck.

So, this week we were lucky enough to host Bubby and Zany for a visit in Offenburg! Getting off the planeWe picked them up at the Strasbourg airport- their flight from Paris was surprisingly on time.  And they were easy to spot as they emerged from the plane.

DS and I were the Welcome Committee because with four people and luggage, our little Golf was filled to the rim.  Actually, it was a closer fit than I anticipated.  With two big bags, two small bags, purses, people and (whoops!) all our shopping bags, the rear view visibility was nil.  Driving through France is always a bit of Mr. Toads Wild Ride, doing it with a full car and no read visibility is definitely a good workout for the old ticker!

Being me, the first thing I did on arriving back home, of course, was cook like a maniac.  So, here are few things I cooked for Bubby and Zany’s Arrival- note, these things might not have been all that great for heart-health either:

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And here are a few things we did and saw and ate over the first couple days:

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