Feb 092013

Just like in the US, the McDonalds here have monthly specials.  We especially like the fried Emmentaler with cranberry dipping sauce!  In any case, we don’t eat at McyD’s all that often, but we make a point of trying out the more interesting offerings when we get a chance.  This month they had the promisingly-named “Golden Corn Nuggets”.

The ad copy translates to: Now go for it with the crunchy nibble Golden Corn Nuggets cheese preparation of tender and sweet corn.

Here is what you get:

IMG_2299 IMG_2301

Here is what it tastes like: awful.  Just horrible!  They have some sort of tex-mex seasoning in with the corn and… well, it says cheese and I will take their word for it, but it is just a sort of paste.  Not pleasant.  I was afraid that there would be onions, and made David sample them before me.  I should have known when all he would tell me was “well, there are no onions”.  No, I should have known when I realized it was an attempt at something American by German McDonalds.  That rarely goes well.  Save your money.

  4 Responses to “Weird German Food of the Day: Golden Corn Nuggets from McDonalds”

  1. UGH! I am not a Micky D fan anyway.

  2. Hi, I´ve been living in Germany for more than 10 years and I dont eat at McD too often either but when I do, I go for vegetarian or fish. This week I tried this Golden Corns Nuggets and to my surprise I like them. Why? Because it´s crispy n spicy. Tasted almost like the Indian snacks called Vidai which is made of yellow beans (dhal) and other spices. I think european can not understand this but asian does…

  3. Here is the asian version of this golden corns nuggets….http://malaysianmoments.com.my/blog/indian-food/

  4. Those look lovely! Though, I admit, we tend to veer away from spicy foods. I think it was really the pasty cheese consistency combined with that particular blend of spices we didn’t like. I have had a lot more luck with McD’s here than in the US in general. I also vie for the fish, but we really enjoy a lot of the cheese dishes they have from time to time, And, the kids like the muffins and donuts at the McCafe.

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