Feb 092013

Brook - CopyWith Nemo coming to the East Coast of the US, Nature decided to throw us a bone and give us a nice little snow storm over night.  There were only 3 inches or so near our apartment, but we thought that there might be more if we worked our way back into the hills.  Yes, we were all still recovering from the flu, but DS had never had a chance to use his Christmas Sled from a year ago, so we figured it was worth an outing.

Into the car we piled.  Everyone was a bit cranky, honestly.  Even DS was not feeling his usual snow-euphoria.  But, you take your opportunities where you find them, and we knew the outing would be “good for us”.  And, indeed it was!  There really isn’t anywhere much more picturesque than the Schwarzwald in the snow.  Charming (I believe I am legally bound to refer to them that way) half-timber houses with tile roofs nestled amongst tree-covered hillsides.  Vineyards scattered here and there.  Brooks.  Train tracks.  Bridges.  Fields of snow sparkling as brightly as a vampire’s pasty skin.  It is all here.

I wish I had caught a photo of one of the numerous hawks that like to hang out in the areas overlooking large fields.  Usually they will perch on a stick, watching for their prey.  But, sometimes this time of year we notice gatherings of them.  They will pick a spot on the ground of one particular field, 3-5 grown birds all spread out in a seemingly random pattern across what will soon be rows of corn.  We saw a couple lone hawks and one group.  But, they are tricky to photograph as they are usually within sight of the road, but nowhere close to where a person on foot could get to them.  If you don’t already have your camera ready when you pass, you just miss the image.  Someday I will catch it!

But, hopefully the photos I did catch will be indicative of our day’s adventures.  We only lasted a couple hours, but, given the whole illness-recovery thing, I think that was probably for the best!

Also, you must click on the image or view the slideshow in order to see the caption.


  4 Responses to “Sledding the Schwarzwald”

  1. How absolutely beautiful. Snowman accomplished. The snow seems too soft for good sledding. It appears you all had a great time!

  2. Pretty pictures. It’s been so long since I was in serious snow. I both miss it and shiver at the thought. I liked the picture of the little sign, but had to take a second look. Reisen is to travel, but riesen means giant, and ba(with umlaut)chle is the diminutive of Bach, so the sign humorously indicates that this is giant little (ground)creek way.

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