Feb 042013

Mailbox Items

The first week when we moved into this apartment, we were the victims of a prank.  Someone put juicy cherry pits into our mail slot.  We were rather annoyed, but as pranks go it was pretty mild.  The envelope of one bill got a little stained, as I recall, and we felt distinctly less-than-welcomed to our new home.

Since that time, however, several other small, odd items have shown up in our mail slot.   First came a grungy deck of playing cards.  The box is clearly a promotional item from a local bank- and, indeed 1/2 the cards inside match the box.  The other 1/2 have a different business name on them.  The deck only had 32 cards, the 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A of each suit.  Apparently this is called a SKAT deck?  The face cards are significantly warn and grungy.  The others show signs of wear, but are in far better shape.  The entire deck smells of cigarette smoke.

Open ItemsThen today, another small offering: a tantalizingly tiny film box and canister.  The film expired in 2005.  David had all sorts of horrible ideas about what might be on it.  But, in the end, the canister itself proved empty.  Both a comfort and a mild letdown to our hyperactive imaginations.

When we made our initial drive around the neighborhood to get acquainted, we noted a very grey man peeping out of the window of one of the buildings.  His sunken eyes, gaunt face and thinning hair gave him an almost alien look.  He didn’t seem to be extremely old- in fact a much older woman soon emerged at another window.  I couldn’t be sure, but I think she shooed him away.  The incident faded, but at the time I had two thoughts: Serial Killer or Boo Radley.  We laughed over it and moved on- still reticent to walk down the little end street with the creepy watchers inside.

These little treasures refresh my memory and pique my interest, though.  Honestly, I expect they are fanciful gifts from a child.  There is a young girl who lives on the top floor of the apartment.  Perhaps these are offerings from her.  Or, maybe Boo has taken our family under his watchful beneficence.  Whatever the case, there is clearly no malice.  Just a pleasant little puzzle.

  2 Responses to “Mysterious Offerings”

  1. Boo Who? At least the person was less nasty than the one who threw dog poop on you windshield!

  2. It’s the German version of Amelie of course.

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