Jan 122013

Jodsalz inside

OK, so by now you have probably figured out that I am a big old Cooking Geek.  And, as any foody worth her salt knows, salt is actually a pretty fun ingredient to play with!  In the States gourmet salts can be extremely expensive.  But, here I have found all sorts of wonderful salts available at every grocery for surprisingly small amounts of money.

I think part of it is simply that we are closer to the source.  Fleur de Sel from France doesn’t have to travel far to get here.  And, while the Himalayas are still a ways off, apparently it doesn’t take as much to get those lovely salmon colored Himalaya salts in Germany as it does in the US. There are typically 2-3 brands available for just a couple Euros per 500 gram container.  So, today I bought some of my favorite salts and thought I would share them with you.  Interestingly, the salt that I have the most trouble finding here is what we would call “kosher salt”.  I don’t really care about the kosher part since I, well, don’t keep kosher.  But, the coarseness is pleasant to work with for certain recipes.  I have happened upon salts with the texture of kosher salt from time to time.  But, I didn’t find any today when I was looking.  I plan to add to the list as I find and try new salts that I can share (descriptions are in the captions) :


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  1. You will like the saltmine’s gift store in UnterSalzburg.

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