Jan 082013

Limited Edition TP

Apparently it’s a Thing.

I sort of understood it when they came out with the special Christmas Scented papers for the holidays.  I mean, who doesn’t want their bathroom smelling like Advent, right?  But, now, this month, this appeared.  Do you think it affects sales, much?  Would you have bought the other brand if these folks didn’t have the nifty Zodiac Theme going?  Will you buy an extra bag just to display on a shelf somewhere?  Are Astrology Fans likely to buy extra TP just so they can read the stars in the comfort of their own bathrooms?  I am really stretching to understand the marketing thought that went into this…..

Or maybe it is all about the internal machinations of a toilet paper plant.  Does the staff have an altogether better morale if they have lovely new projects to look forward to?  Do the Graphic Artists get bored if they don’t have seasonal projects?  I imagine there must be political and monetary ramifications within the corporate structure.  I am picturing heated debates over which department gets funding.  The R&D  group needs cash, but Shipping and Receiving is run by the plant manager’s daughter-in-law.  But, wait!  The President is an Astrology buff.   The head of R&D sells him on fabulous Limited Edition Zodiac papers, but, he will need to increase their funding to make sure that all the images are accurate.  Woot!  Corporate Coup!  A feather in the cap of the head of R&D!


  3 Responses to “Limited Edition Toilet Paper”

  1. What fun. So much to see as you sit and roll the images.

    Stay clean!

  2. I bought toilet paper once because it said “environmentally safer” on the packaging (because I’m gullible like that), but I didn’t know that meant each sheet had a written tip for saving energy and conserving resources. It made me feel very guilty every time I used the toilet.

    • Hee! Ok, I sort of love that. Gives you something to do, I suppose. Did they have any wonderful tips?

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