Dec 282012
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Geeky Californians in Germany Unite!!!

Kerstin and DS

Kerstín said she wanted to make sure to visit one last time before DS outgrew her!

We met Kerstín when she was a Fullbright Scholar teaching for a couple trimesters at Durmstrang.  When she first came to our house for dinner, we all simultaneously burst into Harry Potter “Swish, then Flick!” and that is how she knew that we were “her kind of people”.  We call her our long lost cousin Kerstín.

So, when she was coming this direction, it was necessary for a visit!   What do Californians living in Germany do when they get together?  Laugh a lot, revel in speaking English and making tons of in-jokes no one else would get, go shopping (it was the first day stores were open after Christmas),  eat donuts and salmon, decorate cookies, play rock band and watch the first 5 hours of the Extended version of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, apparently :)Creepy Dinner

This was her first chance to get to know the degus:

Unfortunately, the sisters kept our house guest awake at night drinking, drinking, drinking.  She was woefully unprepared for our rodents to be such unabashed lushes.  (Granted, their water containers are loud). But, at least they refrained from having their usual slappy fest bar fight while she was in the same room.

Kerstín also gifted us with what has got to be one of my all-time favorite “children’s picture books”.  Perhaps inspired by Edward Gorey’s Alphabet, Alle Kinder, Ein ABC Der Schadenfreude is equally perverse in an oh so German way!

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