Dec 242012

Bread Loafs

When David arrived at work one day this month, he was greeted by a knot of employees huddled around some sort of food.  Knowing that people sometimes bring in goodies to share, he went over to investigate.

They were standing around two plates of sliced, white bread.

David watched them for a while.  Finally, he asked, “um, isn’t that just .. normal white bread?”

“Oh, no no,” came the reply, ” its good bread.  Very appropriate for the season.”

They seemed dead serious.

So, David snagged one of the slices in question and ate it.

“We’re talking completely ordinary white sandwich bread, sliced.” he reports.


David, chuckled shook his head and filed the anecdote away to share.  Just more French/German weirdness.

But, I have been thinking about it.  And, bear with me but it IS rather appropriate for the season, isn’t it?  The winter holidays are all about people searching for light in the dark, cold months.  They symbols are all about continued life, community, appreciating what we have and recognizing opportunities for joy – babies, evergreen trees, lit lamps, feasts, wreaths and giving.  It is a time to celebrate our survival, our friends, our blessings.  What better symbol than taking a moment in a busy day for a slice of really good bread, appreciated with friends.  Indeed, there is wisdom in that.

We wish you Happy Holidays.  And, we hope that you have the joy of simple pleasures.  May you enjoy at least one really good slice of bread.

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  1. Small pleasures indeed, good bread and unsalted butter are the best there is. Blessings to all who share in the appreciation of the simple things.

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