Dec 132012
Flames!  I think we might be able to guess how this treat got its name :-)

This week we had the pleasure of attending this year’s Black Forest Games Holiday Party.  As with most such events there were party foods served.  Many of them, (pretzels sticks, peanuts, etc.) would be readily found at any party in the U.S., as well.  But, as this was a German party, it is inevitable that there were German Foods being served.  Here is a quick glance and some of some of the fun stuff that showed up.  The main food of the evening was Flammkuchen, or “fiery cake”.  It is like a very thin-crusted pizza with a soft cheesy sauce instead of the tomato.  The most traditional toppings are a prosciutto-like ham with thinly sliced onions.  Interestingly, after being in a building where these were being cooked all evening we absolutely reeked of onion- even though we opted for the non-onion versions to eat!

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