Dec 132012
Schmitty and Elena

It was that time of year again: Company Holiday Party Time!  Company parties have the potential to be wonderful or ghastly events depending on the circumstances.  As it happened, this one was very low key and pleasant.  After the roller-coaster year Black Forest (neé Spellbound) had had, no one was in the mood for ostentatious shows of prosperity.  But, this is a tight-knit group of gloriously geeky-bright folks who have been through a lot together.

Actually, the trickiest part of the evening proved to be getting everyone to quit working and come over for the party!  Once that was accomplished (about an hour after the “official” starting time, the evening settled into laid-back camaraderie, eating and, of course, games.   Check out today’s other blog for a more in depth look at the Party Foods.

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  1. It appears a good time was had by all. Having a time to let down and play is good for the company! The food all seemed familiar to me. I am not keen on the spiced cookies either. Love you!

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