Dec 092012

This week’s Common-in-Germany-but-odd-to-an-outsider is: Hard Boiled Eggs.

Yeah, not that strange, really.  Except they are sold in every market in packs of 6, brightly dyed colorful orbs.  DD, with her current mouth limitations, is trying out easy-to-eat options.  So, we gave these a whirl.

You know what?  They are just like hard boiled eggs you would get around Easter in the states, only, no seasonal limitations.





Tee Zucker Kandis

Tea Sugar Candies.  Its a thing.  They have all sorts of special flavored tea sugars and syrups.  But, these are the most common ones and, frankly, they are just wonderful in coffee.  Basically, they are rock candy made with brown sugar.  Like Sugar In The Raw on steroids.  They don’t have what we would consider “brown sugar” here, but they do the whole sugar genre a solid with this entry.

Tee Zucker Kandis

  3 Responses to “Weird German Foods of the Week: Hard Boild Eggs and Tee Zucker Kandis”

  1. Are they chicken eggs? Their rounder shape may be a sign of a different bird, like a duck?

  2. I want the Tee Zucker Kandis! It sounds yum. I’ll have to look around to see if they sell anything even remotely like it here.

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