Dec 042012

Greetings all!  We have moved.  So, Welcome to our New Home!

This is our new website. I am slowly getting it under control.  The look and feel may change a bit, but the basics are still here. Please look around and see how things are set up.

My hope is to give it more of a magazine feel as we go forward- breaking each blog post into articles that can then be accessed more easily by keywords, categories and topics.  That way folks who want to read humorous anecdotes about culture but aren’t all that interested in how to make schäufele can do that.  And those folks who really want to know about the differences between German, French and American drivers will have an easier time finding pages with that information!

I have transferred all of the old posts over, and will gradually break them into sub-topics for easier searching.  And, I hope to add more links and helpful hints about How The Heck to Do Things here, when, for example, they don’t have cream of tarter, baking soda, brown sugar, aspirin or non-stick spray at the local grocery store.  For now I have posted a few things about current events- and quick How-To on roasting pumpkin for pie.  Enjoy!

(And, please let me know what you think- what works well and what might be a little broken.  I do know that some of the photos are taking a while to load for the first time.  I am going to look into what I need to do to fix that. )

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