Oct 132012

Hot Chocolate done Right- Real chocolate pearls and whipped milk

Hamburger Fisch Markt is in town!

Yes, it is Fish!… from Hamburg.  I guess?  What it really is, is an excuse for a Street Fair.  Missed it last year for some reason.  But the rain abated long enough today to go check it out today.  The first thing we noticed, of course, was that there was a huge pirate ship in the town square- and they are serving Beer!

Lots of Candy Carts, too- bigger than the ones at Weinfest.

And, of course, fish sellers Everywhere!  I was surprised that mostly it is
selling prepared fish, though there was some fresh fish to take home, too.

These folks were hysterical.  Well, to us they were hysterical.
They seemed to take themselves seriously.  And if anyone else thought
it was weird for a pair of middle-aged performers to be
dressed in nautical gear singing nothing but German Fish Songs,
they didn’t mention it.  I almost bought a CD.  Almost.

This is one of our local Characters- we call him The Mustache Man, or The Whisker Guy
for obvious reasons.

I had already eaten, but David ordered the Scholle- Served, of course,
with DICED HAM on top!
And plenty of bones inside.  Scholle, it turns out, is
Flounder.  I had a bite.  Salty, but not bad.

They were smoking salmon in this booth.
I still haven’t gotten over the fact that glass
is still common here- and that a soda is
.33 liters.
This guy was hawking French cheese like he was running
his own infomercial.  Constant banter.
The only line I remember was “Money, Money,
Come Here Money!!!”

Made me laugh.  The locals just bought cheese.
This guy was also there.  We think
he was someone’s ad, but
he had a weird umbrella
and chased Squealing Tweens down the street.

Sneaking up on his next

In hunt for Autumny Things
After the Market, I decided I wanted to go for a quick drive in search of Autumn Foliage.  Seems that it is mostly too early for true color, but we found a few fun things.

Pumpkin Displays and silly children

Me, DD and DS

All Pumpkins 1.30 EU per Kilo
Grass in the meadow was up to his shins-
and full of little wild flowers

We found a Pick Your Own Flowers site.  They trust you to put
money in the can when you are done.

Pick to your heart’s content!

Hillside is still pretty green

But, you can make out some yellows and golds mixed in.

many of the vines on walls are turning fall-like colors, though

Other Recent Stuff and Germany Bits

First gingerbread of the season- Light and Orangy

Here is how they do powdered sugar for decoration
you get it in a stick that looks like chalk,
then you rub it on a mesh sieve.
DS asked for this ham and cheese
bread for eating with breakfast.
Yes, he ate it all.  Growing kid!

I made Madeleines.  Not bad!

One of David’s favorites, it is Streusel Küchen.  It is very dry
by US standards, but the tons of streusel (pronounced Stroy-sl here)
make up for it in his opinion.
DS’s art assignment.  He had to make it with a real pen- that you change out tips and
dip in ink.  He was covered in black smudges by the time he was done.  But,
his patterned chainmail teddy bear looks pretty good!

Just some random building in Strasbourg near the art store.
This is what is different driving around Germany.  You frequently
just sort of wander past buildings that are older than the U.S.

David saw this at the store and thought of me.

 But, check it out.  Made in Belgium.  Sold in Germany.  Printed in… English!

After all that pretty black packaging the chocolates were
surprisingly beat up inside.  AND, they did not, in
fact, have wine in them.  They were just recommended
for eating WITH wine.  Disappointment aside,
they are quite delicious, anyways.

The Harvest
The Orcish War Machine was back this week to take out our corn field.  It took 2-3 days off and on, but the field is now flat and the birds are feasting on the leavings.

A similar war machine with red-colored blades came out of a field on my way to pick the kids up.  It literally emerged from its pass straight toward the car as I drove down the highway.  Stopped not 3 feet from me.  That will keep you awake on your commute!

Looks so benign from the side.

This is what they load the grain onto

And, yes, I had to drive behind him for a few Kilometers.
Not sure how the kernels manage to stay in that pile
without falling.

They just line them up along the edge of the field

I was glad he didn’t tag the neighbor’s car-
looked close, though!

Orcish War Machine Doesn’t stop for nightfall.  Legolas’s voice rang out-
They run as if the very whips of their masters were behind them.”
He did stop after a few more passes, though.

This morning he finished the last rows.

Mind you, they are quite LOUD

Dey- Me say De-eh-eh-GU- Just a few cute Degu photos

Trist likes to snuggle in my now-ubiquitous scarf

All three degus jumping back and forth
between the kids.  Humans make great playgrounds!
A little giggly, though!

Giana is Close- David has a current version for playtesting.  So, the kids are doing their share :)

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  1. Was ist “Hummersoße”? I presume some sort of sauce or gravy?

  2. Ah, Google helped me out – “Lobster Sauce”.

  3. Lobster sauce? You mean on the fish? Actually it was just pan fried with a lot of salt and then served with the diced ham and lemon…..

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