Sep 182012

A few Catch-Up Images for today:

DD saw these at the supermarket and insisted I take the photo
I have taken photos of the base model before.
They are chocolate covered marshmallow on a cookie…
Only, this set has, er a free tube of sugar pen.

Folks on Segways wandering around town.
There were maybe 8 of them- mostly middle aged.
No. Clue.

Tell me you never wondered
how they transport them.

And, the best:

My mom and Grandma read of my cooking adventures sans stand-mixer and decided to give me an awesome gift!  KITCHENAID  WOOT!

Not exactly German Packaging as I have come to expect it.
A box, inside a shipping box, inside, er another shipping box
filled with paper!

On the other hand, definitely the
instructions as I have come to love them:
13 languages!  Including one I cannot figure out!

Look at that lovely color.  They call it “Brilliant Blau” and it is!

It fits!

Hello Gorgeous!

Stay tuned to see future adventures with the Hot Rod Mixer.

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  1. I’m super guilty of buying my American friends boxes of Dickmanns. Super guilty.

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