Sep 182012

So, this happened and was cool!  But I missed posting about it because of Hogwarts and Malfoy and the Dursleys etc.  So, check out this excellent event:

On the final night of the Kickstart for Project Giana, the team held a party, complete with Live Webcast hosted mostly by Schmitty and Elena.  It was a fun and somewhat surreal event reminiscent of Public Television Pledge Drives… Only, Geekier.  They interviewed all the team members, answered questions from the Net, had the Composer on Skype from America, ate pizza and drank soda, played some games and generally had a wonderful, techy, fun time!
Here are a few photos DH took behind the scenes of the event as it was going on.

Original Concept art from the 80’s

Florian- and some soda bottles

Recent Art- and, yes, a very green hallway.

Manuel, Rolf and Schmitty- and the Owlverlord

The Control Room
Sarah, Jacomi, Manuel, the Owlverlord and Schmitty

Andreas on his tablet
Elena, Marc and Niko– and more soda bottles

David with the Owlverlord

Adrian and Patrick

Schmitty and Eric
Made It!!!! WOOT!

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