Aug 182012
Lake Wading!  This photo was a better idea before I realized
that you could still see sandal marks on my feet…..

 Quick Report: Gifiz See

So, apparently there is a lake just a few kilometers from our apartment.  5 minute drive, tops.  Who knew?  Well, DD’s doctor did.  And, judging from the crowd we found there today, pretty much EVERYONE ELSE.  I only got photos of the peripheral zones, but the main section was just over-run.

The volleyball courts, you can get an idea what the main section was like when I say this was relatively deserted.

The slide was a big draw for DS, but seems to be closed for repair-
this was on the outskirts of the main zone- near, as you can see,
the camping area.

We were able to park without getting hit, but it took some work.  Folks were filling just about every possible parking location (official or not), lining the roads on both sides, with barely squeezable stretch of roadway in and out.  In fact, as we walked up, a lady asked David to guide for her since she couldn’t judge whether she was going to hit the cars around her as she tried to back out of her space.

3 EU to get in, 4.50
to spend the night

We walked up to the gate and looked in.  Then we walked away.  It was just too crowded!  We will definitely come back, but today was not the day.  It is stifling hot, a Saturday, and all the kids are on vacation.  So, of course, everyone wanted to go to the lake.  There was hardly a path to walk between sunbathers, volleyballers, picnickers, swimmers, and the surprising number of folks who just seemed to be walking around carrying pool floats. 

There was, though,  a path that went back behind the main entrance.  So, I decided to explore.  I didn’t really expect it to go too far, but it turns out that it seems to wind all the way around the lake.The first thing we happened upon was a bike and skateboard park by the parking lot.  DS glanced over and said “Oh, just like the one at my school!”  Can you imagine a US school having this on the grounds?  I mean, it isn’t huge or anything, but I am sure folks occasionally fall and may break a wrist or tooth from time to time.

 Walking on, we found a small snack shack that advertised Minigolf

As with every mini-golf course we have seen, this was
strictly small potatoes- and, seemingly overgrown
We wonder if it is out of vogue or just seasonal?

The section of lake that you pay to get in has a nice sandy beach built up with places to get food and rent floats etc.  A bit further down the road we came to a section that was unadorned.  You don’t have to pay here.  Just sit on the gravelly side, or up on the grassy bank and walk on in.  The water was warm and clean and really quite pleasant!  If I had a suit on I would have done more than wade in a little.  Definitely coming back for swimming.

Folks enjoying the water

Surprisingly, just back from this section of the lake was a petting zoo!  You couldn’t go in with the animals, but they were quite happy to come on over and say ‘Hi’.  No one seemed to be concerned that folks would treat them badly.  Indeed, there was no one around seeming to attend them, though their pens were clean and well-stocked.  But, we did note that the signs asking people not to feed them were clearly being ignored (we saw a boy feed a pretzel to a goat- and some of the critters had that petting zoo waistline).

Loved the pig sculpture in the sheep pen
While I went wading, the kids and David started meeting goats

Cute, baby goats!

The donkeys seemed to like me- they always do

Awwww- they were dusty, but friendly

More, eager goats

The sign said these cows were from Africa.  Good deal, cause
otherwise those thick coats would have made them very
uncomfortable today.

Baby goats followed DS everywhere

Even the loud, aloof sheep decided to come say HI

20 yards to the east is the Kinzig River-

That tower is the main entrance to town.  Just over that bridge is a
sports arena- we could hear loud chanting and cheering
the entire time we were at the lake

Just over the Kinzig is- the High School!

So, there you go.  Nice lake just to the south of town.  Definitely going back sometime when it is less crowded. 

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