Jul 232012

Gifiz See, Offenburg

Everyone has been so sweet in their support after our harrowing Sunday.  Thank you!  I never knew how many people have had fainting spells!  I guess it is a very common, if scary, experience.  Just wanted to do a quick update.

Our usual doctor was unavailable, so she sent us to Herr Doktor Greuter, whom we have seen once before.  After a brief wait, we were shown into his consulting room, a large office with an antique tile fireplace in one corner and prints of impressionist art hanging all over the walls.

He carefully quizzed us on what had happened, read the other doctor’s notes, then he asked about DD’s exercise habits.  After a moment, he shrugged!  His basic take is that sometimes, especially with tall thin kids, their blood pressure gets a little low- particularly in the mornings.  In the shower, the hot water makes it drop further and they can wind up fainting.  (DD explained to me that since blood is used by your body to circulate heat, when you get warmer, your body naturally lowers your blood pressure- I had not known that!)  The doctor recommended upping her exercise level a little to control the pressure more (I thought exercise lowered pressure in general, but he indicated it can help keep it more stable, too).

Then he Googled a local lake that he likes and showed us that it has wonderful paths to hike, swimming and food!  His basic attitude was, “The weather is great!  Go outside and play a bit!”

Apparently Lake Gifiz has a triathalon, but I don’t think we are ready for that!

He also took her blood pressure and listened to her heart very briefly.  DD, was pretty nervous, after all the poking yesterday, but there was no need.  He said he would contact the hospital to get the results of the anemia testing.  If her iron is low, they will put her on iron supplements for 4 weeks.  But, otherwise, just watch her and don’t worry.  If it starts happening a lot, they will be more aggressive with MRI’s, etc.  But, one or two fainting spells isn’t something we should be seriously concerned with.

So, all in all, a pretty mellow doctor’s trip after a fairly hellish weekend.  And, hey, we now have tips on local recreation zones :-)

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  1. I used to pass out every now and then after I stopped eating meat. It was disconcerting. The docs recommended iron supplements for a bit before I discovered the most amazing alternative: TOFU.

    Hope your family is doing well after such a nerve-racking “adventure”!


  2. Kerstin- where did you get tofu locally? The only place we have found that carries it is a little health foods store across from Kaufland, but they only have one type- silky soft, I think. I would love to find someplace with a variety of tofu, Tempeh and pressed tofu offerings if they exist…. We may not be vegetarian, but I do like to have some non-meat based food choices in our diet!!

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