Jul 032012
Yes, there is a taxidermy shop by the Strasbourg Cathedral.
Yes, it has a flying jackalope. What of it?

Picking up where I left off:

So, Once we got back to Offenburg, we slept.  Then I blogged.  Then, Raquel and Clive and their daughters showed up on our doorstep.  Woot!

They Made it!!

Happy to be done traveling for a few days

Warm Cookies Waiting

And warm laps

Plenty to entertain- Discovering DD and WoW

Pizza!  Ok, not the most German first night meal, but, its Turkish Pizza…
That sort of counts, right?

The next day was all about local stuff.  DS went to school, but got out after 3 hours because his main teacher, wait for it- was in Paris!!

Juggler Boy at your beck and call

Builders of a large tower

Eating at the Engel Restaurant in town… Good Schnitzel

Water, German Style

Feeling perkier once we had eaten!

Offenburg Birds

My Favorite Mural in town, with adornment

Ok, perky had a limit…

It has been a Long Trip

DD in the woods

Fresh basil and local blackberries with chicken

And, more relaxing in the evening…

Another warm lap

Here is international for you- Clive and Raquel househunting
for a possible new Pleasanton Apartment- while in our
Offenburg apartment!

Hmm, this is starting to look like all we did was log on,
but really that was just when folks were still enough
for photography!

We really did spend some time talking and being social and all, but not many photos to be had with that line of experience.  Look!  Her mouth was open!  Then, my face was… animate!

The next day- Kehl
Second day was all about Kehl and Strasbourg.  Checking out more local sights and sounds.

The Kehl Penny- not quite as cool as the birds, but still fun.

Dank Wart Street?  Really?
We think it translates to something like “Awaiting Thanks” or “Thanks Waiting”. 
There is a church down the block..

The world’s zippiest tortoise lives in Kehl
It came *running* out as we walked by!

Kehl Fountian

 It has become a bit of a running gag that no matter where we go, David gets asked directions.  Truck drivers have asked directions, tourists have asked directions, a little old couple swerved across the road to ask him directions.  I have personally witnessed a man spot him across a parking lot and RUN (passing other locals on the way) over to ask him directions.  It happens frequently.  All we can figure is that David must look more approachable than the average German.  In any case, while we were out with the Blackledge clan, not only was David accosted for directions, but, this news crew stopped him to ask for an interview!  They looked crushed and confused when he refused.

They eventually found another interviewee….

View from the Europa Bridge:

This bride was at the bridge for some reason.

The Bridge from Kehl to Strasbourg

Men on the Bridge

Locks on the Bridge!  Kerstin, you need to add one to our town’s
lock collection, too!

She really liked the locks.

Radical Bikers of the World, Unite

Large Swan, small local children
This guy was not pleased with kids being so
close to his offspring

Smaller swans….
Presumably the Wife and Kids hanging out in the water.

Back home….

The elder kids made great art

The younger made a great tower!

Great Art!

Next up- The Cathedral of Notre Dame of Strasbourg
DD was fighting a cold, so she stayed home, but the rest of us headed to the City

WHEEE- walking along the construction zone

Holy moly, there is…. a drinking fountain set up outside the cathedral!!!
You have no idea how rare drinking fountains are in France and Germany.

The cathedral still rocks.

They are constructing a fountain and square next to it
Irish Music Buskers- I so wanted to dance along

I lit a candle for loved ones who have passed.

I had no idea before today that the cathedral is the home
of this marvelous astronomical clock!

While we were there it chimed 4PM and one little figure moved
around.  I suspect at more important hours something
more impressive may happen….

We decided these Saints had gotten the Bobble-head treatment.

This gorgeous chapel was filled with amazing stained glass….

…and set aside for people in need of quiet prayer.
I love that they had several places like this for local
faithful to avoid the crowds.

Yeah, really nice effect- kept thinking what it must have been like
to be a 15th century villager sitting in this room….

Jesus on the Mount of Olives

Every detail is so… detailed!

Museum across from the Cathedral- didn’t seem open today…

After the cathedral, we walked around to the Place Gutenberg and had some ice cream, got some cookies and rode the carousel….

Base of Gutenberg’s Statue- around the base are
Bas Relief images of the important uses of the press….

Et la lumière fut- And there was light

Don’t actually know that these folks are a LARPing gamer party….

But they sure looked that way… and they were here to ride the

Finally, we checked out a weird shop with amazing (Kitchy, bizarre, fabulously diverse) art reproductions from around the world.  This lady caught my eye right away, as did the black egyptian goddess with cobra hood made into a lamp!  But then…. (warning nekkid art ahead)

Raquel noted the nekkid wrestling dudes with the giant crotch grab and I just had to
agree that this was definitely the best of the bunch!
Anyone know what this piece is from???

EDIT: My Dad recognized it rightly as one of the Heracles images by Rossi:

And, I leave you with the final image- Weird French Ad of the Day:

Imodium: It makes your digestive system work in harmony….
Got me on the facial expression/finger thing, though.

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