Jun 172012

Almost Summer
When Germans prepare for summer, you might expect them to think of San Troptez and the Côte d’Azur, or maybe the Italian Riviera, or in less stressful times between the nations, perhaps even Greece.  But, if their wardrobes are an indication, apparently what Germans actually think of is:  America.  Specifically, Californian and Hawaiian beaches- and a dizzying array of them at that!  Huntington may seem a pretty obvious choice given its Surfing History.  And, Santa Monica is big enough and splashy enough to be world known, I suppose. But, I wouldn’t have expected San Pedro.  I have seen shirts from just about every beach I have walked on.  Which, given my heritage, is probably 90% of the sandy or rocky oceanfront patches between San Fran and San Diego.  I didn’t take photos of any of the Hawaii-based offerings since they were both less-personally interesting to me and less specific.  Mostly, they just say “Hawaii” and leave it at that.

This one is for you, Aunt Leslee!

Another thing Germans (and, indeed probably all Europeans) seem to have on their minds right now is, of course, the European Soccer Championships.   I had been told you could watch them in the town center, but I hadn’t realized how extensive the set up would be.  I imagine that old “repro-service” there must do a hustling business this time of year, since I do not think Offenburg is the only place treating its populace to a community-building spectacle about now!

There are rows of benches set up in the town square to watch this screen. 
I suspect the pubs and restaurantssurrounding the area are
enjoying the event as much as the soccer fans.

Everywhere you look there seem to be signs of the tournament.  We went to the pharmacy the other day and they gave us a free promotional bag made in the German flag colors.  National Pride is wagging everywhere- or perhaps it is “swishing”.

Kids are encouraged to root for their country team by
eating a flag-colored #1 Popsicle. 

Funny translation: “Flutsch-finger” translates to “swish finger” or “I knit finger”. And if you remove the dash it becomes “fingerbang”.  To quote Mr. Takei “Oh My!”.

DS assures me they are yummy, though.  Rasberry, Cherry, Orange.

Father’s Day

With fewer social reminders around, I actually got confused this year and prepared all of David’s favorite foods in celebration of Father’s Day *last* weekend.  Whoops!  So, we had sort of a split celebration.  Today, though,  the kids outdid themselves with their Father’s Day Card creations.  David was a bit over-whelmed.

DD wrote her entire card in German- David even had to look up a word or two.

The theme was about figuring out if you were supposed to be
celebrating Father’s Day.

It came with exemplar cards with cute bunnies which could be
attached in the right locations to verify your Father’s Day Status.

Are you Male?  Check.  Is it the 3rd Sunday in June?  Check.

DS on the other hand, noted the untimely arrival of a zombie  invasion force!
Zombie Chess!

Luckily, there was a solution included.

Your Pop-up Rodent Army. Woot!

The kids said that they had hoped to get him a sword, but
noted his actual gift was 5 times mightier.

Random Cooking of the Week-

I made Mock Oreos.  The Oreo packs you get here are 4 sets of 4 Oreos each.
I wanted… More!

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