Jun 152012
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One Really Great Day

Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting the mother of one of DD’s friends for coffee in downtown Strasbourg.  For 4 wonderful hours I got to drink cappuccino, eat pain au chocolate, watch the street activities in a nice French city, and, most importantly, speak with another adult human being who was not in my family!  Truly, this was a great treat for me.  And as it happens, she is a fascinating and gracious woman who speaks 7 languages and has lived all over the world.  While we were sitting there, the Google Trike came along and photographed our area- presumably for the Google Earth street view.  So, I imagine at some point you will be able to see us having coffee when you check out the image of Paul Cafe near the Strasbourg cathedral!

Then, after we had spent the morning discussing our lives and children, we went to go pick the girls up from school.  As they came trotting out, they stopped at the board with the lists of new students at Hogwarts.  We had already seen it quite recently, so I was shocked when DD suddenly turned from her friend and shouted:

“Hey, Mom!  DS is on the list!”

What?!  How is that possible- they had already told us twice that there was no room.  But, sure enough, there he was on a new paper they had just added.  Apparently, space had opened up and he got in on the second round of applications this year!  I didn’t notice at the time, but many of the new names had a notation saying they must pass a test before being admitted (as DD had to do).   DS’s name was just admitted free and clear.  Woot!

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but so far it hasn’t.  DH went to the office this morning, and they should have the paperwork ready for me by the time I go for pick-up this afternoon.

DS was excited and pleased when we told him.  His immediate response was “YAY! (I think)”  His main concern just being that be was able to stay in contact with his new Durmstrang friends.  Of course!  We aren’t moving, so that should be doable.

DH wants to make sure that German is still a focus.  He doesn’t like the idea of everyone else in the family speaking French while he is stuck dealing with all things German.  Understandable.  But, given, again, that we are not moving, that should also be quite doable.  We still have to go shopping, talk with locals, etc.  Being in a border area, we largely need to be able to have some basic understanding of both languages, regardless.

DS will be starting at the first year of secondary school, which is pretty much perfect. It will mean that he will be coming up with all the other kids who are Newbs at the upper level of Hogwarts.  He will need to learn French, but that was on the agenda for Durmstrang next year as well.

I can’t tell you what a relief this is to me.  It will cut our driving roughly in 1/2, allow us to plan family vacations, and give DS the opportunity to stay current in his core classes (Math, Science, Social Studies, English) while he is learning his two other languages (German and French).  After that last meeting with Durmstrang, it seems clear that they have realized that they aren’t really set up to handle his situation.  So, even though we think it is quite a nice gymnasium with some excellent kids and teachers, I honestly think this will be a much better option for all of us.

Other little things:

Many Many cars in town have German Flags on them.  This is
for the EM- European Meisterschaft.  AKA, the
European Football (soccer) Championships!

They mean that they have lowered the price.

There are so many strawberries around that I actually had more fresh
than we could eat, so I baked a cake!  It came in handy on the night
David needed to eat and eat and eat!

Coming Soon: DS goes to School Camp, and Friends Come Avisiting!

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  1. Glad to hear a spot at Hogwarts opened up. I guess Durmstrang is losing both of its Americans this year!

  2. Definitely their loss! They had a couple of cool Americans. It would have been a much tougher decision if you had still been on board.

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