Jan 152012

A few photos from our walk today.

It is getting down to the 20’s over night right now, so the frost is lingering well into the afternoons wherever there is no direct sun.  DS was impressed by how hard the ground had frozen.

Frost on plant tips

Whatever the opposite of “Hot Seat” is.  (I have never seen our neighbor ride this moped, but it is always out there- the spiders loved it during the warmer seasons)

We walked along a path that follows the fields behind the apartment.  We were surprised to discover this Pieta just sort of plopped out there.  There is no plaque or any attribution.  I think it must just have been someone’s personal project.

Closer view of Christ’s face.  When I looked up other Pietas I was surprised to note that almost all of them have Christ’s head on the left of the image, while this one has it to the right.  I am sure there is symbolic significance, but I am not sure what it is.  I will research it when I have time!
The path emerges by the large TESA (like 3M) factory that borders the neighborhood. This building is enormous- and completely window-free, as we were able to confirm as our walk took us around the three sides not visible from our apartment.

Vines make a valiant effort to cover the building.
But, on the other side, they are being cleared.  I wonder how often this cycle repeats.

As we walked by, this crane swooped down and landed about 20 meters away.  In case you are wondering, a crane swooping over your head looks HUGE.

Is this ad campaign in the US, too?  Marlboro has signs all over that say things like this, or, more typically “MAYBE” with the May crossed out.  I guess they want you to commit to their brand?  Whatever the case, they are eye-catching, but boggling- and always in English.
Here is a photo I got off the interweb.  These are plastered everywhere.  Still not sure how it is meant to make people buy cigarettes- though, ineffectual cigarette ads are hardly a problem for me!

This is a hill near our house.  We have never figured out what the wooden barriers are for.  Any guesses?

Despite the fact that it is only one month into Winter and the ground is getting more frozen- not less- our courtyard trees seem determined to usher in Spring!

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